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"You up for some Smash this afternoon after school?" Zephyr Breeze waggled his eyebrows. "And after we're done showing Fluttershy's friends a good time, maybe we can even play some video games. Hah! Pow! "

Flash punched him on principle. No one commented on this; it happened to Zephyr about half a dozen times each day.

"Wheelchair... my entire MTG collection for a wheelchair..."

I feel vaguely called out.

In any case... yeah, this pairing didn't get any less weird since What Dreams May Cook. I honestly just feel bad for Flash. Though I did enjoy Cranky's Pokémon professor levels of inability to tell what gender his students are.

Silly sissy Flashy fun. Good times. :twilightsmile:

...Skirts, are you okay?

Yikes, you usually only see this kind of thing happen to schoolgirls, waitresses, and office ladies in hentai. :twilightoops:

Also, leaving something shoved up your butt like that for hours on end can cause a variety of long-term damage and is seriously not healthy at all.

Poor Flash, Ah-Aaaaaaaaah! What kind of batteries are in that thing to make it last ALL DAY? My money is on betavoltaics.

As for the gender mixups: he’s bald, he might secretly be a Sontaran. He look like a potato to anyone else?
Is that like... the anal equivalent of priapism?

Not quite; it strains and damages internal tissues that are very delicate and sensitive. It's not remotely a safe or recommended practice--not to this degree, anyway--and yet people still persist in doing this either as a kinky S&M thing or a method of relaxing the ass for anal sex, or BOTH.

I also imagine there’s a risk of fecal impaction if left in long enough... especially if doing sit-ups, or other abdominal activity.

Two words: BEAR. PLUG.

good shit my dude

What an uncomfortably amusing read. Throughout the whole thing, I felt so much on the tenterhooks...

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