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  • 109 weeks
    Wonderbolts in the Shower Together - A Group!

    I was surprised to learn there isn't already a group for this, with how enduring this story setup has been, so I decided it was time to make one.

    If Wonderbolts fooling around in the hot steam of the shower or the chill of the locker room is your thing, then this might be a group for you.

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  • 162 weeks
    Market Research

    A couple of months ago I published a story called The Homewrecking Contest. It was a bit different to what I'd written before, and basically I'm writing this to ask how well you guys think it turned out.

    Do the shorter scenes work?

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Are requests open?

Love that story, i need more octascratch tho

I've alienated my love.

I understand your position. Don't cry for me, but do write more futa stuff.

Futa Octavia isn't necessary, but appreciated.

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