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All griffons live beneath the rule of the Cirran empire, the militaristic pegasi dominating all of Dioda. But war looms upon the horizon, and with it the end of Cirra.

Two brothers, separated by cruel circumstance, shall face this war apart and be forever changed.

Sidefic to "Of Skies Long Forgotten"

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Very interesting start to this! It will be awesome to see a different perspective to these ancient times, and experience how much two enemy races have in common.

Certainly a harsh day for Eboric, that's for sure. One day, and a swift blow to his family life.

Is this story going to be told from various perspectives like some of the others the this verse?

Congrats on joining the PoL team as well! I look forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile:


This story will indeed be told from various perspectives throughout

And thank you. I hope to have the next chapter out soon

Well shit, I'm hooked.

5935021 Ain't that a good thing? I'm always finding interesting fics to read!



This looks interesting. I shall follow it like the rest of the Loyaltyverse stuff.

You won't believe my surprise and amazement when he told me that he was naming the story "Shattered Skies" completely by coincidence. PoL is not-so-secretly grounded in Ace Combat and it's the bestest.

Well, finally got around to reading this and I hope it updates soon, it's a good story so far.

Just finally got caught up with this story. Certainly enjoying it thus far.

Just out of curiosity, what did you use for your historical sources? I really find this "day in the life of a legionary as interpreted by griffons and ponies" interesting.


The Romans kept pretty good records on how their military is run, and I believe that 24th based Cirra as closely on them as possible. I'm not certain whether there are any specific resources, but "Legionary: The Roman Soldier's (Unofficial) Manual" is a decent place to start if you can find a copy.

As for sources on the griffons, its mostly based on the rough ideas of how a tribal/feudal germanic society was run

- and thank you, I'm glad you are enjoying it so far. I plan to have the next chapter out within a week or two

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there,” Theod said lamely.
The blonde griffon scowled. “Did you just call me short?”

Someone's got issues.

I am Aella

Let's hope she doesn't get turned into a blood eagle.

My name is Septimus Pilus Prior Barley

What an unusually non-pony name, although I guess the Barley part fits the bill.

The lines in which you now stand will be your Contubernium. You will sleep next to these legionaries, eat next to them, fight next to them, and die next to them if and when we demand it.

Surprised they aren't chaining them together like some sort of penal battalion, though I guess that'd make flying difficult.

Tapfer lead the way to the benches against the wall and began digging through his bag as if it were full of gifts at Yule.

What did you get?
I got an axe.
I got a spear.
I got a... sock?

Theod put his own armour on. It hung strangely compared to chainmail, and lacked the padding that was normally worn underneath. “Maybe they will give us better stuff later on?”

You guys are too low level for the good stuff.

“Do you yield, sir?”


Behold: the bloody uprising.

“You speak as if they have a strategy, Legatus.” Theod said, adjusting the strap that held his Gladius.

Yeahh....kinda got the feeling things were gonna start to go south after this line.

But, didn't the The Price of Loyalty series get cancelled?


Shattered Skies has not been cancelled, no

Only the story A Song of Storms: The Summer Lands (by The 24th Pegasus) is cancelled, as far as I'm aware. LoyalLiar was on hiatus but he's back.

>Sees "Shattered Skies"
>*Stonehenge flashbacks begins*

Those treacherous jerks...after all they did for Cirra...:ajsleepy:

Every. Damn. Time.

well, i certainly won't feel bad for either Barley nor Pruina for when they get axed off. neither do i feel bad for the fall Cirra in general. beautiful on the outside, rotten on the inside. some empires don't deserve saving.

Hoooboy...they made the mistake of not double checking that everyone was dead.

Now they're gonna pay for it.

Aella's family is probably already dead...

Interesting music choice.

I'm a bit frightened by what Magnus might be planning. That guy is ruthless.:unsuresweetie:

At least not all of the Cirrans have lost a sense of honor.


At least not all of the Cirrans have lost a sense of honor.

Sadly, I fear they will be the first ones who will be caught up in the meat grinder before too long

Can't help but wonder if there's something more to that random inquiring tercel there...🤔

The branches raked at his belly as he sped past, cutting whip-thin lines down his stomach. The archer following him was distracted and unprepared. He smashed into the trunk full-force.


You gon' get yours, boyo.

Will Discord appear or at least get mentioned in this story?

All this makes you think of the Eastern Front in WWII. To imagine that kind people lived and died through such cruelty.

Look on the bright side: at least we know which Legion to slaughter without mercy :)

Impressive move, but owww. Hope it pays off.

Why didn't you answer my question? Is Discord going to appear or not? Don't worry, I'll still read this even if he doesn't.

We shall see, in due course

Oof. And I was just in the middle of thinking, "man, they just can't catch a damned break". Thank goodness.

Was wondering when Magus would get off his ass.

He is a lazy burd

...And this is the point where the Cirrans fucked up.

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