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Aria Blaze is a legal car thief. She works days, she works nights, and she will keep working until the wound of her mortality has a tough enough scar covering it.

Sunset Shimmer wishes they could spend more time together. How can she break through to a workaholic, especially when Equestrian Magic collides with that work?

Honorable Mention in Oroboro's final "Sunset Shipping: Endings" Contest

Inspired Art by JeNnDyLyOn.

Editing by Ariamaki and JeNnDyLyOn

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Finally got to reading this. You know I've loved your other work, and this one keeps that sentiment going. I've really come to appreciate seeing a dynamic between these two in a number of stories over the years. Good tie-ins for it all at the end, if bittersweet.

This is great

Author Interviewer

Would that this contest did not demand an end of things. That was a great relationship, and a great story. I love how easily you worked in all those original names, too.


Thanks, Present. Never thought I'd use the shadow of Joe Gores' "Daniel Kearny Associates (DKA)" mystery novels, based off his real-life experience as a San Francisco repo-man in the 1970s. I'd been holding onto an Einhorn Detective Agency since about 1997, and it finally had a partial appearance in the persons of Aria Blaze and Limestone Pie.

Aria's a workaholic, and everything else comes second. Even noticing that she's been ignoring her relationship can get lost in the need for The Hunt. She's so focused on keeping the pain away and burying it under the heavy calluses of work, she's never considered the alternatives.

God bless random name generators for both cars and MLP characters. :ajsmug:

Now this was a pretty fabulous entry!

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