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Very divisible.


In the moonlit quiet of Applejack's bedroom, Rarity and Applejack share the joy of a cozy bed. They cuddle, they tease each other, and they talk Apple family history. With every whispered word and shared moment, their love quietly deepens, a testament to the profound connection between them.

It's just a sweet lil' cuddle fic, guys. I wanted to practice my short story skills. I don't normally ship these two, but I recently found an old draft I had started years ago and I decided to finish it on a whim.

Cover art by AbbyTabbys.

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Sweet and romantic.

Aren't they sweet? :heart: Thank you for reading and commenting!

Honestly shocked after seeing the pic I commissioned from Abbytabbys in here. o_o Still an awesome piece.

As for the story, this was really sweet. Too sweet, even. I'm getting cavities just by reading this. Great work!

Awwwww, this was really sweet...

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