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Pinkie Pie is best pony!


Applejack has a secret admirer, and Rarity is determined to make her figure out who.

Thanks to 6-D Pegasus for proofreading.

Thanks to Forcalor for helping write the love notes.

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The cover art for this... you played Minecraft before?

D'aw, cute story, also what was up the pie in the fake Pinkie note? Rarity! What's up with you?! Pinkie is a poor, innocent little pone, you can't go sticking stuff like that in a note and saying it's Pinkie!

My thoughts exactly every time I see this art on my screen 😂 (And I mean it as a compliment, I like the style!)

I also just realized, AHHH Rarity’s wearing her Shadow Spade outfit!! Thats so cute!!

Aww this was so cute. I’m not the biggest Rarijack fan but I like this. Reminded me of the Shining Armor and Cadence scavenger hunt, I wonder if Rarity got the idea from there? :duck:

So happy I could read another one of your fics. I love them!

Screw #5 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

A cute story.

I see Pinkie used 'intentionally' as part of the Pinkie promise. Plus, she seems like the second head of this group plan based off Rarity's questioning.

Cute and compact.

I love it!!!

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