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Eerie Lantern would be happy to go through the rest of her life without seeing a living soul... after all, she can see ghosts. What could the living have to offer but endless heaps of trouble? Then one fateful evening, one of her worst fears comes true:

A pony wants to be her friend!

Moonlight Raven is a goth pony who doesn't shy away from the dark and grim. Her sister, Sunshine Smiles, is equally unflappable in her optimistic joy. Together, they are easily the most terrifying thing Eerie has ever had to face.

So how can she get rid of them, and ensure nopony else ever bothers her again?

Uh... preferably without murder? Sheesh! As if she needed to be haunted by anymore disgruntled murder victims...

Art by the very talented Lola Dotz! Follow her on FimFiction and DeviantArt!

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I don't see many stories with those two ponies, Moonlight and Sunshine, so this should be an interesting read.

I've always wanted to do a fic with them! They looked like so much fun.

Please continue. This is great.

Oooh, this is real good. Well written with a unique and appealing concept. Following with great anticipation.

Eerie Lantern would be happy to go through the rest of her life without seeing a living soul... after all, she can see ghosts. What could the living have to offer but endless heaps of trouble?

Oh finally, a character that wants to be a loner. I always hated interacting with people IRL, so it's nice to see a character that agrees.

Yes! I thought it was such an obvious conflict to explore, considering the entire show is centered on friendship. I don't find enough stories centered on breaking through to someone who is anti-social.

Who are Moonlight Raven and Sunshine Smiles, and where are they from?

Great premise, great characterisation, great dialogue.
In case it wasn't obvious already, I think this is great! :pinkiesmile: Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

That's very kind of you! Thank you so much.

Nice. Can't wait for more. It's hard to find a good story these days.

Scarlet gasped, her hoof going to her chest. “Well, I never! I do not howl. I’ll have you know, I once sang in the opera!”

“Eh. Close enough.”

I think opera would be more of a wail. Possibly screech?

Very nice premise so far. The ghost gang has a nice bit of variety.

True! Maybe... a metal scream?

Ugh, now I'm thinking of Scarlet singing Judas Priest or Iron Maiden XD

Thanks! Heh "ghost gang". I like it. Mind if I use it? Sounds like something Stix would say.

There's also the Phantom Posse, Spook Squad, Apparition Commission, Poltergeist Party and finally the Wacky Wraiths. :pinkiecrazy:

I hated having to hold off reading this chapter while I was sick, but I'm so glad I did. Was well worth the wait.

Ooh...I'm intrigued at what you have written. Adding to my list of fics to follow.
Scarlet was clearly well off in life going on how she talks and carries herself. I smell a mystery in how someone like her ended trapped in a bone china teapot, something about things she has said make it clear that this is way more than being too attached to a favorite possession in life.

Can't really speak much for the other spirits as we just met them (Stix though I'm guessing met his end rather abruptly)

And finally Eerie Lantern, that filly's got issues, I was a loner for years mostly due to being rather awkward in social situations (still am to some extent tbh) but what little we know points to much darker implications.

I'll be looking forward to reading more of this delicious mystery inside of an enigma story.

I think the thing I'm probably having fun with the most is the mystery of everyone involved. Some of those mysteries won't be explored this story-- those are planned for separate adventures in sequels. We'll illuminate some things in this tale though!

Thanks for reading!

Well, I'm hooked. There's a lot of fun stuff going on here. The characters are so delightfully quirky too!

These spooky hijinks just keep getting better!

Aww, these two are such cuties. Here’s to hoping for more!

Thanks for reading and commenting! You're the best.

I actually have a draft that's 70% done, but I just need to set aside time to really focus on it!


I just need to set aside time to really focus on it!

This is at least a third of every true writer's real writing process.

That went from 0 to 100 real quick. Very good

It is criminal that this story does not have more exposure. I rarely read anything that pops back into the feature box, let alone something with so few likes, but I was bored and the premise sounded interesting.

I am very glad that I did not go with my normal habit and actually read this story. It's well written, the OCs are actually interesting, and the story is a hoot.

Faved, and waiting for more!

Sunshine and Moonlight?! :heart: Definitely gonna give this a read.

This is actually surprising good. The characters all have personality, which is defined in greater detail by the perspective shifts. Not to mention the expertly blended comedy and drama. In fact, I believe I'll read some of your other work, as well.

Glad to see you're still alive XD

Joking aside, keep up the good work.

Ooh, this is a great start for my favorite background duo and a pair of adorable OCs. I shall keep reading!:pinkiehappy:

Caught up, this story is great so far. The characters are entertaining and likable and have depth beneath their obvious quirks. Both the comedy and drama hit home. Excellent work. :D

I’m hooked, like seriously hooked.

That and I seriously ship Scarlet with Eerie after chapter 2.

Either way I love it, and I can’t wait for the next chapter.

Hey, I'm just glad to see this continue! And I certainly don't mind the total shift here, there's a lot of emotional weight. Sunshine's profession is surprising, and so is the whole thing with Mister Double. My only complaint is that you seem to fall back on LUS pretty often. Characters have names for a reason: use them. Other than that, this is still excellent stuff overall.

Well, I just stumbled across this story, and I must say, I'm rather disappointed! Mostly I'm disappointed that there are so few likes or comments! So have one of each!

I will admit that I find the setting a bit... AU I suppose. I don't think canon Equestria has quite this many murders and violent ends. At least not enough to have "true crime" novels about serial killers. I don't mean that as a criticism mind you, just an interesting point.

Anyway, good luck with your writing! I hope you don't leave us with this cliffhanger for too long!

I'm really happy to see this continue! You hooked me with the first chapters and still happy. It makes sense the humor would drop after a difficult event like last chapter, and I hold out hope this weird trio (and their ghosts) will be good for each other. :coolphoto:

:yay: you're back, so yeah eerie has some serious issues. I might have to reread this story from the top before I make an official statement on things. Still I DO remember that you wrote a very tantalizing hook and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next.:twilightsmile:

Eerie blinked and looked at the book title. Abuse in the Caboose: The Tale of the Deadhead Murderer.

With a true crime title like that, I need to read this story.

Mister Double's story sure sounds like a gripping one, nevertheless, I'm glad to have caught up already. I hope you can update again soon; this gang is just delightful in being able to careen from drama to comedy to back again.

I love, love this cute story! I would looooooooove to see more!

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