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In a hamlet near Canterlot, a mismatched pair of ponies share a loft. Silver Spanner is an eccentric unicorn who makes her living repairing appliances. Mjolna is a foreign earth pony from the far north who wishes to train with the Royal Guard. Despite sharing so little in common, the two manage to find ways to relate to each other...and get into trouble, of course.

These are lighthearted drabbles about two mare pals having fun, trying to survive, and pursuing their dreams!

Cover art by the talented Woolly. Pre-reading/editing for the first four parts provided by Ceffyl Dwr, Danthebronyman, and QueenMoriarty.

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So it is possible to stick a story in every group except the one that's dedicated to one of its central characters.

7117710 HUSH! I was getting to it... :fluttercry:

Liking it so far! :heart:

7117761 Glad you enjoyed it! Hoping to write the next one soon. :twilightsmile:

7117723 No need to cry, I was making a joke.

7118782 Awesome, partly due to your help! Thanks again. :pinkiehappy:

A very good start to the story. It shows off the characters well and got a number of chuckles out of me. I really enjoyed it.:twilightsmile:

It's certainly a funny story. I love Mjolna. Her Thor references crack me up.

I know this is a slice of life story, but I think it would be hilarious for these two to try some sort of grand adventure.

Wow, guess Mjolna is tougher then she looks to survive a kill shot. A very impressive fight scene, if I have to say so myself. Mjolna is a delightful bit of zealotry which is ironically the same sort I have for my own Quickfix {Silver Spanner}. So these two seem to represent both her sides in that regard.

7120299 I'm so happy you think so!! :pinkiehappy:

7122246 You read my mind! After I wrote Battle, I scratched my head and went, "It would be so much fun to write these two in some over-the-top adventure." I might just have to jot down some notes for later. For now, I want to finish this little series. :twilightsmile:

7122794 Mjolna is certainly tough, but she was rather fortunate Silver had mucked up her calibrations... :twilightoops: My approach to these characters is that these two are definitely two sides of the same coin. If they were living with anyone else, their roommates would run screaming into the night after just a day. :rainbowlaugh:

Fighting huh? never thought I'd see a slice of life with that.

7150605 I'm actually considering adding an adventure tag. Some of the other readers let loose a plot bunny in my head, and it's just too tempting.

Mjolna is also threatening violence if she doesn't get to kick flank. :twilightoops:

...She can be scary when she wants to be.


My god...

BTW do it, it's very fun to write an adventure story. I am currently working on the hunter and the hunted and it's been a fantastic ride. I've even managed to get a probably publishing agreement if I turn it into humanized and change up the names.

I'll tell you it's a fun thing to do and you won't regret it.

Hahaha! This chapter is amazing. I was laughing for a while, even after finishing. These characters are loveable and easy to understand and get into. This is also a great concept! I hope you have as much fun writing as I do reading.

Oh those northern gals.

Damn... already upvoted this one... well, have a +1!

Seems both of them are a little more nuts then I thought. :rainbowlaugh: Not sure if withholding the information is a good thing, Mjolna, but if you do take one down, it does prove your friend right too. So, good on you.

Good work on this chapter, I like the chemistry between the two main characters.

“Oh, hush. It serves you right for interrupting me.":rainbowlaugh:

Lesson of the day, NEVER GO DRINKING!

Delighted to see this continue!

So am I! I figured I needed to focus more on the "drabble" aspect of the story and be a little more loose on my scene setting.

Glad you're still reading!

It was actually the stallion’s fault for spinning her up in the first place!

Oh, I remember this story from my first stint on the site. Lovely to see it continued for a couple of chapters at least. :twilightsmile:

Yep! I may take it out of hiatus, I'm not sure. My mind is crowded with other projects atm.

Poor Mjolna...

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