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Featured on 3 September 2017!!!
Scootaloo has a secret that she keeps from her friends. If discovered, it could change everything as we know it.
Thank you Rdasher12 for pre-reading this story and giving good feedback.
The cover art comes from the Flight to the Finish episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all related content is owned by Hasbro. CYA.

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Nice story wasn't expecting the ending need sequel lol

Yeah, sequel, must... have... sequel... can't... go... on... without... it.

Interest idea.

I mean a number of people make Scootaloo a descendent of Luna.

Ooh! Now this was a super big surprise! Celestia being scoots' real mom would certainly be a twist. It could also be a potential means to give Scoots her wings back once the right time comes for her to be acknowledged as the daughter of Celestia.

Definitely an amusing story that gets you to think deeper on all the great possibilities if things went a certain way or were just lying beneath the surface that we see on the show.

It's... a little dry. You have some great descriptions, but I don't really feel much in the way of emotional involvement. Especially at the end.

sequel needed and wanted badly
very good story though

Sequuuuuuuueeeeeeeeellllllllllllll pls

I guess one possibility for a sequel might be the "Sunny Skies" route. And it'd be an interesting opportunity to present possible solutions for the questions:

- presumably Ponyville residents have talked to or at least seen Scootaloo's dad at some point. Has he ever mentioned Scootaloo having a living mother at all, even to Cheerliee or any of the other students' parents? Do they know what he himself does for a living?

- is her dad a pegasus? In which case, has he ever turned up for things like Winter Wrap Up, or to assist the Ponyville weather team in emergencies, or the Cloudsdale tornado funnel, or does he officially live too far away? In which case, is Scootaloo official a Ponyville resident? And does she sleep/live in Ponyville most of the time? With whom? Foster parents? A fake (or real) aunt/uncle? (This doesn't sound like a "Scootaloo lives at the orphanage" story.)

- is Scootaloo's canon room (presumably in a house) in Ponyville the place she normally stays during the week?

- Lauren Faust has said Scootaloo's parents "have demanding jobs", which could actually fit into this fic... and that she has a babysitter she's good at avoiding. Any chance that these things might turn up or be referenced? I'd actually like to see a really good idea for the babysitter; somehow she's never been seen in any of the same scenes as Scootaloo in the show (as far as we know), and Scootaloo's been in a fair amount of danger on occasion and also done things like take trains to the Crystal Empire with the Crusaders with no adult in sight, yet the babysitter is somehow still employed. Rainbow Dash, for all her failings, has saved Scoots from potential severe injury more often than whoever's theoretically actually being paid to do it. And does Ponyville know that the babysitter (presumably a Ponyville resident) is supposed to be keeping an eye on Scootaloo? Do they consider him/her dangerously incompetent, or tragically brain-damaged, or is there some kind of perception magic going on?

- come to think of it, *is* the daughter of a Princess being kept tabs on at all? Even if she has alicorn-level monitoring spells on her 24/7, she's been involved in some fairly physically dangerous circumstances. And somehow I don't think occasional rescue-pony and champion nap-taker Dash is on the royal payroll as a bodyguard. Has Scootaloo just been given alicorn-level toughness and sort of allowed to wander around unsupervised? Including occasionally wandering into the Everfree?

Wow. That's a lot of things to think about. I'll admit, I have a rough sketch of how the story will flow over a dozen chapters, but not every detail outlined. But in the meantime, I've got plenty of other stories out there, and am working on Chapter 4 of Friendship is Magic: The Movie.


Mirroring the other comments, i too want to see a sequel:scootangel:

I like how it turned out! I'm glad I could help you out with it. Aside from a typo or two and a grammar error that I saw, it looks really good!

I'm with the others, continue this. I've seen Celestia-Scootamom once, in a well written yet sadly cancelled fic, and I've wanted to see more.

There is a lot of potential here with a lot of questions that can be answered

Yeah, I want a sequel. Who's her dad?

I agree, a Sequel, or maybe even a series. It has the potential.

Now I'm sad

This is an interesting concept, but it feels like just that - a concept. I would love to see the story you have in mind. There's a lot of potential in this, if it is treated properly. Looking forward to more!

Yeah, this doesn't so much deserve a sequel as a chapter two, dude lol. Neat idea, but a very abrupt ending.

Good story, but the ending is like riding a dirt bike into a brick wall. Really needs another chapter.

There was a lot of interest, so I'm planning on writing a (much longer) sequel that will address many of the unanswered questions raised by this story. Right now I'm in the brainstorming/outlining phase. I don't know how much writing I'll get done, as I'm coming off laser eye surgery. In fact, my eyes are bothering so I have to go lay down right now.


It's an interesting idea. Could have benefited from being a bit longer and... deeper, I guess. My main critique would be that the justification seems kinda weak. Celestia just doesn't strike me as the kind of pony who would willingly subject her kid to something like that, even with good intentions. Perhaps if the father really insisted for some reason, but even then I wonder what kind of guy would get away with telling Celestia how to raise their daughter.

It would almost make more sense if Scootaloo was the one who wanted to live like a normal kid and not be raised in the castle, have friends who don't just hang out with her because of her status and so on, with Celestia being the one hurting for them to spend more time together and worrying about missing Scootaloo's childhood.

Questions will be answered with the sequel.


This is a good story. Also, I love the concept for this piece. Celestia is Scootaloo's mother has always been one of my favorite concepts.

Definitely can't wait for the sequel. :pinkiehappy:

I just finished the fourth chapter last night, though unfortunately that doesn't mean I'll post them right away. I'm setting each chapter aside for a little while, so I can go back and edit them with a fresh perspective. I'm shooting for March/April for the first couple of chapters that set up the story. In the meantime, I'll move on to the next few chapters that really delve into the history of Scootaloo and Celestia. :pinkiehappy:


dang just had a re read and this is STILL really good, hey can we get a progress check on the sequel, been waitin for a little while just wanna check in

The sequel? Well, it's in limbo at the moment. I wrote the first couple of chapters, but wasn't happy with it, so I scrapped them and am starting again. I've been spending some time clearing my mind by writing some other stories. You might have seen "Deathbed Confession" on the featured list a couple of times. I'm also writing one called "What Happens In Las Pegasus..." that's around half done. So in answer to your question, I haven't shelved it, just clearing my mind for a little bit. Plus I've been going through some extensive military training all this month, giving me little time to write. But I've cleared all of September, so I should be able to get a lot of writing done then. Thanks for the vector check.


Alright take your time, max time before i come back 2 years plz post at least 1 chapter by then

I definitely plan on having the story published before the next two years.


That was....AWESOME!
Is there gonna be a part two?

This is a interesting story. Shame that sequel idea seemed to not happen...

I wrote a draft, but wasn't happy with it. Since then, I've been sidetracked with other things. I hope to come back to it sometime. But before then, I'm going to publish some other stories

A suggestion perhaps. Have Celestia disguise as Scootaloo's cannon parent with her dad being the cannon one as well at some point

Not bad, but I think it could have been a bit longer where they come up with a good plan. Maybe Princess Celestia disgussing herself as a unicorn and explaining her absence with a job where she has little time and is always travelling around. Like an ambassador for example or a inspector of the Royal Guard.

Otherwise it's good an I think a sequeal would be nice.

Definitely left me wanting more.

So.... About that two year thing...

Wow, I totally lost track. I did make a go of it back in 2018, but was unsatisfied with it. Since then, I've moved twice (overseas then back again), endured several months of training, a heavy crew schedule, and everything else that comes with being in the military. I still think of how a sequel would unfold, but for the immediate future I'm going to have trouble finding any time to write as I'm about to embark on yet more military training. I'll be sure to reach out to you when I have updates.

Ah ok makes more sense.
Ima still keep an eye out tho

Your comments on this and other stories put a smile on my face after a long, terrible day at work!:scootangel:

Definitely feels like there's a lot of potential for an expanded plot here. Very good story regardless.

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