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There is nothing as liberating, or terrifying, as a blank page.


Everypony dies, but not everypony reveals a long-held family secret on their deathbed. Now the Apple family must deal with the fallout of Granny Smith's confession, leading to a shocking discovery.

The story is complete, with new chapters published every-other day until finished.

Featured 19, 21, 23, 25 & 27 May!!!

Thanks to Rdasher12 for editing!

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 145 )

this will be a sad but glorious story

Interesting. I wonder what Granny's secret is. :trixieshiftright:

Are you sure granny didn't fall off a cliff?

But over all brilliant writing and good pacing

What’s funny is I thought I was in featured, when I was actually in new, and nothing made me think otherwise until I read a different story. Well done!

I’m interested to see where this goes

Is AJ... adopted...?:pinkiegasp:

:pinkiesad2: I'm not gonna cry... :applecry: I'm not gonna cry... :fluttercry: I'm not gonna cry...

I didn't cry. But the fact that I almost did AND most sad stories don't get so much as a sniffle out of me... Good job. Time to favorite this story so I can see what happens next.

Thank you Dreadnought, brilliant to add to your bow the term mystery writer as well.

Can't wait to see how this jigsaw picture completes itself.

Uhm. So no answers.

Thanks for reading. I hope you come back tomorrow for Chapter II!
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You'll just have to keep reading! :raritywink:


It's obvious - I bet Granny told AJ she can't actually stand apples and has spent her whole life wishing she had decided to grow cucumbers instead!

Maybe.... You'll just have to keep reading.:ajsmug:



Nah, I bet she told Applejack that she was adopted.

Hm, I wonder when we're going to find out what Granny Smith told Applejack. It has to be something really serious for her to take it to her death bed.

good ol big brother Big Mac


I have a feeling you're thinking in the right direction. However, that's a terrible thing to admit on the deathbed unless some shenanigans were involved. I was told in the middle of puberty. Also a terrible time.

Calling it now, Applejack is actually a changeling.

Hmm... Was Granny her real mom? Was Granny the reason her parents died?
Did Granny die because she was ashamed of AJ!? Oh, I'll find out later.
Also, I think you did decent with Big Mac. Can't wait for more.

I cant' wait to publish more! I get an emotional high from finally publishing something on here. But since my productivity is low, I try to stretch it out a little bit. But seeing as writng is one of the few things that makes me happy, while the military grinds you down everyday, can you blame me?


So happy for this to be featured! Keep up the good work!

Thanks! And once again, thanks for editing!


Can't wait for the next chapter. This is a good story so far.

And next chap starts whit Rainbow screming in shock of how good the cupcakes are.

“Oh, before I go to see Applejack, Pinkie wanted me to give you something....”

dick move twilight, dick move . .

Twilight didn't even ask Rainbow if Applejack had talked to her.

But still hilarious.

This fanfic is quite emotional and touching. I am hooked.
AJ has learned a hard secret, but she can count on her friends to be there for her, and while she might not be an Apple by blood, she is an Apple by heart.

Applejack is the Appliest Apple to ever Apple. It doesn't matter where she came from she'll always have a family.

Not to say I'm not interested in her biological parents.

Applejack, don't you remember the whole ordeal with Pinkie Pie over whether or not she might be your fourth cousin twice-removed? How you told her that it didn't matter if there were records to prove a connection or not, she was an Apple on the inside? The same thing applies to you. Family is more than just who gave birth to you, it's the ones who raised you, took you into their lives, and were there for you. Sure, you're not an Apple by birth, but you're an Apple in all the ways it counts. :facehoof:

Blood is thicker than water, but family is thicker than blood.

Time to begin the quest to find AJ’s birth parents!!

Stubborn Applejack is stubborn.

You deserve a cookie for quoting the Garth Brooks song I was thinking of.

Well now... This story just got more depressing & interesting... So AJ isn't an Apple by blood, but she is an Apple by heart.

P.S. E veryone wanna make this more depressing to read? Play this in the background

Gees I haven’t listened to a Garth Brooks song in like 15 years. Used to be a big country fan, until I found a server on Unreal Gold Edition that was using a ZZ Top song, and I slowly got introduced to rock, with my father (ironically a country radio morning DJ at the time) keeping me grounded in classic rock.

Lucky coincidence then. :twilightsmile:

Ah, so she was adopted. Thus, my predictions were correct.

I'm interested in finding the identities of her birth parents. :twilightsmile:

Why do I get the feeling that princess celestia is her mother and rarity turns out to be her sister

I find the lack of spike in this very disturbing :moustache:

How would that have come about?

You were right before. Do you have any theories?

I'm not quite sure who her real parents would be. I'll have to pick up more clues throughout the story.

I'm going to sound like a heartless jerk, but honestly, I think Applejack is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Discoring your adopted is no reason to shut yourself off.

Dick move, Granny Smith, dick move.

I have read stories with similar wind ups about the main 6 one thing that they all have in common have been that her or her sister have been the mother. As for the sister part I based that off the fact that she has been tagged separately and not tagged as part of the mane6

Together again and forever by wahtiff is the first that springs to mind

Applejack, look at your cutie mark, then try telling me that you're not an Apple.

I bet we come up with all these theories as to who her parents are only for Kylo Ren to reveal they were complete nobodies.

Then find out two stories later that it was a complete fabrication

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