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Following the events of "The Break Up Break Down", Discord decides to have a little chat with the source of the problem. And maybe bother some princesses along the way!

Entry in the May 2021 Original Pairing Contest.

Featured on 30 May 21!

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A true chaotic masterpiece. :heart:

What's love, but a second-hand emotion?

Item #1 : Make sure Big Mac never has time on Friday nights for Discord.

:raritystarry: Spike?
:moustache: Hi, Rarity.
:eeyup: Squizard you may start the ceremony
:twilightoops: Wut?
:moustache: Ask Discord
:yay: It's a package deal
:duck: Princess Smarity, Lady McBiggens, and Flutter Warrior???
:moustache: Hurry up we have a battle scheduled :facehoof:

“Yes,” began Discord, standing in a chef’s outfit by the kitchen’s grill. “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame-seed bun." He hoisted his prize up in the air in triumph. “May I present, the Big Mac!”

Lol I get it that's funny

Man that was pretty random but yet it's Discord so apparently sugar belle was being tested by Discord how much he cares about Big Mac and she did and she was in the game Ogres and Oubliettes and she's pretty good this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

Reminds me of another story (I forget the name) where Sugar Belle joins the O&O game and actually is a good player so much women's homebrews an Arcane Baker class.

Oh really what is the name of the story

Personally I thought it was sweet of him to want to make sure his friend's girl was the one who cares most about him. Discord may be nuts but he does care even if he pretend he doesn't care about anything.

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I was surprised to see my story making the "Featured" box. Thanks for helping me achieve this milestone! Everyone have a good Sunday afternoon!


Wow that's pretty awesome 😃

It's a little joke that's used surprisingly rarely, but it always gets a chuckle from me.

The cutaways were enjoyable but too many

Thanks for the feedback. Any other suggestions to help me improve my writing?

Nah, I enjoyed what I read. Good handle on discord just enough random and good job on choosing the amount of dialogue for burger joke

Usually with a joke the rule of three should apply but the cadence one was good

Didn't care for the test twilight cutaway since you already hit her with the gap

I don't read anything with sugar Belle in it but the discord tag had me curious

Yeah, this is the first time I've written Sugar Belle. I needed a story with two characters who haven't appeared together, and they fit the bill. Also, thought it'd be fun to have a whole story centered around Big Mac but have him absent.


Princess Luna snorted awake. She was conscious, but not fully coherent. But for some reason, she felt deeply offended.

This line made me snort loudly enough to wake up a napping family member xD

Glad you enjoyed it!:raritywink:

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