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Reviewer, Editor, Proofreader, and maybe friend? Brony since 2012. Autistic. Christian. 36/m, call me Andy.

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It seemed like an ordinary day when attendance was being called, but it hadn't been the first time that Diamond was not there to respond. If Silver knew something, she wasn't telling. In fact, she was getting angrier by the minute. Just what was going on? Sweetie simply had to know. But will she wish that she didn't?

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The Cutie Mark Chronicles told us a little about the pivotal moments in the lives of the Mane 6, but sometimes there's more to a story than what a pony shares. And sometimes they don't remember everything that really happened.

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Fresh Apple was the strong patriarch of the Apple Clan, but everything must eventually fade. Applejack found this out before anypony.

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