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My name was Razorbeam, and I am retired. (From Fanfiction)


It's good to see you again. · 10:51pm Apr 9th, 2021

It'll be nice to see who's still around, at the end of this blog. If this one feels a little heavy or gloomy along the way, that's not the intention. It just has eight long years of thinking behind it, and it's a line of thought that's important to me.

I've done some reminiscing lately, and it's interesting how something I haven't done in three years (and haven't done regularly for many more) still feels normal. It's good to write to you all again, after so long.

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Long time, no see. · 10:11am Feb 21st, 2018

Old friends, new subscribers who never had the curse of getting to know me, and anyone foolish enough to read this blog that doesn't fit into either of those categories...

Dispensing with the melodrama, I am here after months... years....? Time eludes me, being immortal is hard.

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This One's Actually About Writing · 12:51am Nov 25th, 2015

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Please hold while I connect you... · 8:09am Jul 10th, 2015

It's been a long time. A very long time.

As I promised, I have returned to let you all know where you will find me next: for now, it's a temporary place on Wordpress as I begin preparations for a much, much larger move in the not-too-distant future.

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Majorly Late for Predictable Reasons · 9:40am Dec 29th, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen who still read my blog, the time has come. For those of you who care, you likely noticed I missed my November blog. The holidays have gotten to me. In addition, my usual sense of absenteeism has taken hold, and I have realized that my blogs here had lost much of their weight on readers, as many of the readers have faded, or at the very least are no longer vocal about their own existence.

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Guys... I'm running really late this month... · 12:16am Oct 23rd, 2014

But seriously, it's the 22nd, and I'm just now getting to my blog for October. Where has the time gone?

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More Monthly Update: September · 4:15am Sep 11th, 2014

Well, if I'm being honest, there's not a large amount to report. I'll make it look like a large amount anyways.

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Generic Monthly Update: August · 4:33pm Aug 7th, 2014

My obligation to post a mildly-relevant gif is fulfilled for this month. I am also obligated to say some words, I suppose. You might have to scroll for a bit to reach the section about actual content.

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The Writing Intensifies: Visionary's Rebirth Continues (But Better) · 2:52am Jul 9th, 2014

It was around this time that I realized the beginning of July had come and gone, and that I had yet to do a blog here, just in case people still got notifications from me.

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Children of Skytree Update: Music Included · 7:56pm Jun 16th, 2014

Cover-art done entirely by me, for once.

Two blogs in one month; hard to believe, I know, but until I have the website running that you voted in favor of, this is how I will have to keep the most of you informed. Hopefully that day isn't too far along.

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