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The world is full of life, full of light. Yet all life must end, all light has shadows. The world is a place of contrast. These exist naturally, and cannot be stopped. Yet there are those who embrace the shadows, who hate the light. There are those who have abandoned life, and made death their mission.

In the world of peace that Aurus Marz, new king of the changeling nation, seeks to create, these creatures have no place. Yet they cannot be easily stopped. The darkness that rebels against the light of his vision of a bright future will prove a strong adversary.

When assassins come again for the young king and his many ambassadors, it will fall to one of their own to rise against them, and bring them to justice.

This is the legitimate direct sequel to Visionary.

Chapters (4)

Love comes in many forms: love for your family, your friends, your country, and your people. Twilight Sparkle has experienced it all, except one kind. True love, the love you stake the rest of your life on. As the royal wedding of her dear friends draws nearer, she begins to feel the desire for a love of her own.

Troubled and lonely from the newly-revealed gap in her life, she discovers that sometimes love is found in the strangest of places.

Takes place in the years after the epilogue of Visionary. Special thanks to _Medicshy for his editing and feedback on each chapter!

Chapters (16)

After Chrysalis failed to conquer Equestria, she was shamefully stripped of her title of "Queen of the Changelings".

Their people now leaderless, the Changeling race now finds itself in a unique situation. In the struggle for power, one Changeling seizes the attention of his people. Can he overcome his nature, and the nature of his people, to lead them into a better future?

Chapters (16)

As the years drew on, Spike's childish heart grew into that of a true adult, longing for the finer things in life; the finest things. He pursues his relationship with Rarity, but all does not go as planned.

Filled with anger and sorrow, Spike and Rarity fall away from one another. In his grief, Spike pursues new interests, and their friendship is in danger of never recovering.

But perhaps the truest words in life are these: you do not know what you had until you have lost it. Jealous and alone, finding no comfort in stallions she once loved, can Rarity reclaim her one chance at true love, before it is too late?

Chapters (13)