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It's fanfiction all the way down.



Twilight and Shining Armor have a little sister named Light Step. Everypony tells Light Step how lucky she is to be related to such great heroes.

Light Step wishes she could smother them both.

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...I don't know if I like where this is going, but I'll follow along.

I can see that Cadance in this story will have one of those personalities I can’t stand.

Others are going to imply that Shining is not her equal because he’s not. He is not worth less than she is, but he is not her equal and the fact that she’s acting the way she is tells me that she feels him not being her equal does make him worth less than she is, and she feels guilty about that.

Light Step, meanwhile, just wants others to stop looking at her as if to ask, “Well, when are you going to be amazing?” instead of just appreciating her for who and what she is.

I can already tell I’m going to have feelings about this story. I can’t wait.

So this would make Twilight the middle child. That explains a few things. :facehoof:

And Shining has alicorn-levels of sexual prowess. That would be a nice take on the Magic of Friendship. :twilightoops:

And Light Step is well on her way to alicorn-levels of teenage petulance, so it looks like they'll all have each other for eternity. :twilightsmile:

And the list of kingdoms that Shining Armor is forbidden to visit just jumped. As well as the list of kingdoms with open invitations.

Seems odd that you don't have Light Step tagged (OC).
(Edit: It's been fixed now)

“Well… maybe.” Twilight forced a smile onto her face, though nopony could see it. “With friendship in your heart, anything is possible.”

And nepotism. With friendship and nepotism.

"nothing and nopony in-particular."
"nothing and nopony in particular."?

"changeling hive.” Cadence explained"
"changeling hive,” Cadence explained"?

"legs under her like a cat"
"legs under herself like a cat"?

"“Twilight?” She finally said."
"“Twilight?” she finally said."?

Huh. So where did this come from?
Seems to be going interestingly so far, though. :)

Lack of proofreading, methinks.

I kinda feel for light because I'm in a similar situation I come from a military family and I can't join do to medical issues

Er, not the typos, the story, or inspiration therefor. :)

Hope Shining puts Candace on the couch for a week!

No problem. The typo spotting is just a thing I do.

I sometimes buy the Grauniad as a joke, to see how many tpyos I can fnid.

This is like being the younger brother to Jesus Christ. Jerry Christ? Anyway, yeah, that would definitely condition in some savage feelings of inadequacy.

Being the older brother of two siblings, I've seen Light Step's situation before. Lived through it, in fact. This is going to get ugly...

Hmmm. Tracked, let’s see if this train stays on its tracks.

What a great idea! The humor and the drama are both spectacular so far. Hell yes, I'm tracking this.

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Funny you should mention Jesus as an example of that...

I kid you not, James, Josephs, Jude and Simon. They don't get mentioned much by the modern church. If at all. So... yeah, kinda sad and on point, in the context of this story.

Heck, his poor sisters—yes, plural, didn't even get their names preserved for posterity. Not even the scholars are sure even how many they were. :pinkiesad2:

I can already see it, I will love and hate this fic, because I will constantly cheer for Light Step so that she will finally be able to leave the big shadow of her siblings and is not always seen as the "black sheep" by society, because she doesn't do "great things" and dares to be a "normal mare".

Besides that...

...Cadence has, or so it seems, a personality in this fic which will make me dislike her greatly.

...Shining doesn't have the balls to defy his wife, because being the royal prince and eyecandy seems to be enough for him. Though I have still hope for him, maybe he will act on what Cadence did to his sister.

...and Twilight has her own statue and a whole wing named after her... like flipping seriously? Light Step is right in one point, even if Twilight doesn't like it to be worshipped as a legendary hero, she should at least have the decency to act accordingly and not try to "encourage" her little sister in a way that screams: "Well, you may want to be more than you currently are, but I doubt it will work out for you. Sorry sis."

Welp, I'm impressed with how many people you've managed to irritate with a single chapter. And this is given that I've seen far, far, far less generous depictions of Cadance in stories! I'm not sure whether to applaud you for kicking a proverbial hornet's nest or wincing reflexively at the barrage of venom a-buzzin' in your direction.

Regardless, I want more chapters. This gon' be good.

P.S. Candy is a skank

This chapter makes me feel this should have a sad tag... :pinkiesad2:

So the older siblings can't have achievements because the younger one feels bad?

It’s more like everyone else should stop engaging with the younger one as if she’s defective because she doesnt have achievements.

Some people get to be the Green Lantern, and some people get stuck as Booster Gold.

Actually, I kind of feel for Cadance in this, too. She’s being a bitch, yes, but that stems from the guilt she clearly feels about Shining not being her equal. She’s also territorial (probably a Pegasus thing, or maybe a poor farmer thing), so Light Step’s “trophy husband” remark made her feel that Shining was being attacked, and so she did what she did in order to assert her position and defend “what’s hers.” The conflict there is not one of personality, but of culture.

The irony of the exchange is that by jumping to Shining’s “defense” when he very explicitly wanted to drop the issue actually shows that she believes she needed to defend him because he wasn’t capable of doing it himself, which again shows that she believes that he is not her equal, and that this somehow makes him worth less than she is, which is what she feels guilty about in the first place.

In other words, because she’s done so much and Shining has (comparatively) not, she believes this makes him lesser than she is, which makes her unhappy and wanting to prove that is not lesser than she is, and in trying to prove that he is not lesser than she is, she ends up treating him like he is lesser than she is.

Light Step is a victim of her siblings’ accomplishments. Cadance is a victim of her own accomplishments.

That's the thing isn't it? They engage her that way because she's so fragile about it.

Yeah, Cadence kind of misjudges what Shining really needs and does only something she thinks might help, making it involuntarily worse.

Though it will remain to be seen when the first pony closer to her will finally accept and love her for who she is, instead of being impatient with Light Step for who she isn't. Equestrian society aside that is.

Alone the dinner demonstrated it brutally, nopony wanted to start a topic, because they didn't want to make Light Step feel bad for "lacking" accomplishments "worth being mentioned". Even the desperate attempt by Velvet to make Light feel better with speaking about her passion for art ended with awkwardness for all.

And her own siblings can't even talk to her without knowing how to NOT make their youngest member feel even worse.

Flurry hasn't been mentioned yet so maybe that explains "some" of Cadance's attitude, i.e. mood swings. Regardless I can only imagine how Light Step would react when her newborn niece turns out to be an Alicorn. (If she hasn't been born yet.)

y'know, I hadn't been looking into it that deeply on the surface, but in retrospect I can't actually disagree with anything you've said here - legit good analysis on your part.

Some people get to be the Green Lantern, and some people get stuck as Booster Gold.

It's still probably for the best that not everyone gets to be the Green Lantern, though. Otherwise there wouldn't be any room in this universe for Hope Corgi.

The Guardian. It's a British newspaper infamous for printing and typographical mistakes. In 1961, for example, they reported that the Bag of Pigs invasion was a failure. On a similar note, they reported in 2018 their head office was moving to Alsford.

Color me curious how this is going to go, hmm...

Good show.

I mean... Light set herself up for that. She was the one who was openly hostile to everyone else from the outset, even when everyone else was perfectly content to appreciate the fact that she was accepted into an art academy. It sounds like she's stuck in a prison of her own making.

I had a big reply here, and have deliberately decided that I would not share it publicly because I feel it gives too much insight into the situation, even if it is just my opinion of things and is likely to be wrong, and would detract from the overall story. I don’t want to do that.

I’m happy to share it privately with anyone who wants to know, but this isn’t my story to expound on.


Death of The Author. Go nuts!

Huh... well, I had a totally different reaction to Cadance than everybody else here, it seems. I saw her as the only one treating Light Step like a normal pony... Light behaved like a bitch, Cadance smacked her down like the bitch she was being. No coddling her because she’s not special enough. I don’t see her defending Shining because she believes he’s incapable of defending himself... I see her seeing no reason to walk on eggshells around Step because, as near as we can see here, she’s just as capable as anyone else. Why shouldn’t she be put in her place when she gets insulting?

If Step hates Twilight for not being brave enough to say “no”, then she has no reason to not respect Cadance.

This looks like a job for Discord. He can make her really special. :pinkiecrazy:

Hmm..this is Intriguing color me curious I'm in.

Wow, Light Step is just a horrid little bitch, isn't she?

Sorry chief, but I ain't feeling this story if that drama queen is the main character.


The story is not exactly supposed to make you agree with her!

You mean, thought of as a fool but secretly playing a key role in protecting the multiverse?

Really? From the way Shining constantly downplays himself, Twilight says she'll 'make Cadance apologize', and just takes Light Step's venom at the end it felt like story was saying she was 'in the right' or somehow not to blame. I come from a big family and everyone always stood up for themselves on the rare occasion a sibling wanted to be nasty. One of my sisters had a similar, but less hateful, chip on her shoulder as a teen and nobody was expected to tiptoe around her feelings at the cost of their own.


Twilight wants to be nice to a fault.

But Cadence don't take nopony's shit.

This introduces a wonderful paradox: Even if Twilight devises a way to make her little sister ascend, Light will still never forgive her, because she knows that even if given all of eternity, she'd never be able to top that. (And really, being given all of eternity would be part of the problem.)

In any case, fantastic introduction to the character. I look forward to seeing what you do with her.

(And frankly, I have no issue whatsoever with this take on Cadence. Ain't nopony mess with her stallion indeed.)

I want to see where this goes.

After he spent how many years getting clowned by everyone, again?

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I noted it up there earlier, but the source of conflict between Cadance and Light is not one of personality, but primarily one of culture.

Light is a unicorn, raised by unicorns in Canterlot. Her family is rich; maybe not in the way some others are, but look at where she lives, and then look at Ponyville. Light Step’s family is rich. Princess Celestia is right there, Shining was in the Guard, and Twilight was Celestia’s personal student. Light Step has never had to worry about anything, not really.

Cadance is a pegasus, raised by earth ponies in Here There Be Dragons; regardless of what she is now, that is really what she is (or isn’t, depending on the author’s take on things). Her family is poor, at least by Canterlot standards. She more likely than not grew up having to fight and scrap for everything she had to her name until Celestia swooped in, and then she had to fight and scrap to prove that she had earned it.

Earlier, I’d said that Candance in this story was going to have one of those personalities that I can’t dtand. On reflection, her personality still strikes me as abrasive, but it’s much more understandable to me now. Light Step is saying, “I have a problem,” and Cadance is saying back, “You have a loving family, a place to live, you know you’re going to eat today, and nothing is trying to kill you. What’s the problem?”

Does Cadance come off as low empathy? Yes. Is that worse than Twilight’s condescending nonsense? I actually don’t think so.

I’m even more invested in this story and specifically in Light Step now.

That makes no sense when you consider that the rest of Twilight's family also come from the same 'culture' and none of them act like entitled twats. Light Step is a bitch; she has reasons to be jealous, but the self-centered hostility is purely her fault.

And I wouldn't call Twilight's response to Light 'condescending' by any means. Not when that's literally how she became an alicorn and the power of friendship is what she whole-heartedly believes in. It would be condescending and arrogant to flatly tell Light Step she would never become an alicorn and a blatant lie to say 'yes' when the possibility is unlikely. Twilight could never have predicted her own ascension, what is condescending about giving Light a 'maybe'?

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