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All Twilight had to do was finish Starswirl the Bearded's final spell. She didn't have to become undead, seal her soul in the Elements of Harmony, or enlist her friends in an effort to fix everything... but you have to play the hand you're dealt.

Even if it's rotting off.


Big ups to Themaskedferret for all her support on this story.

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Best money I ever spent.:pinkiesmile:

So when a moderator writes a fic, does he/she pass the moderation themselves?

Smiles #3 · Sep 28th, 2014 · · 1 ·

12 upvotes, 1 downvote, and 2 views.


Why is it still on 2 views even though I just read it? :rainbowhuh:

Funny story, btw. Nice job! :rainbowkiss:

Yes, that was excellent. Very Twilight.

The views will sometimes take some time to update. The upvotes and downvotes apply near-instantly, though.

Where's Finn the human and princess Bubblegum's sweater when you need it?

So, since someone has to do it, I formally ask you for a sequel!

The Great Adventures of Lichlight Sparkill, Undead Overlord.


It depends. Sometimes Meeester gets to the story first. :V

Generally speaking, though, we know the rules of submission pretty well, and know not to do the sort of things that'd get a story bounced from submission, so y'know.


Man, I need to catch up on Adventure Time.

Celestia's immortality is a result of being undead!


As a lich I approve of this story...!

It is beautiful and my fetish +1 I fav now


Sometimes Meeester gets to the story first. :V


If you thought Lesson Zero had Twilight falling apart from stress...

Good darkfun story. Vibes of The Nightmare Before Christmas in feeling. Not a waste of time to read, yes.

The wordplay for that title is solid gold!

Smoker #15 · Sep 28th, 2014 · · 21 ·

“Oh, well, I don’t see why I would need to be scared,” said Fluttershy, when Twilight inquired further. “Death and decomposition are very natural parts of life for plants, animals, and ponies.” She bent down to rip a weed from the carrot patches. “Everything dies someday.”

Reason 397 why Fluttershy is best pony.

“Look, I’m just saying,” said Dash. “Maybe if you didn’t mess around with creepy evil spells all the time, this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.”

That is a valid fucking point. I'm sorry, but I will never get over this point: Twilight never thinks out her actions. She cast that spell with no regard for others' safety, with no regard for what might happen. She knew it was apocalytic tongue, for pete's sake! I know that's the joke, but what if it was really dangerous? what if someone got killed from that spell? Would she understand the consequenses of her actions THEN? But of course, Twilight didn't even consider that, because she never thinks her fucking actions through.

(For more on this rant, see my blog post on the subject.)

Anyways, I really don't know what I expected from this story. A gross-humor comedy is what I expected, and it's what I got. It's just... I don't know. Srsly, I saw a story in vaguely this same vein just the other day (I don't remember the title but i definitely remember it existed.) I guess i just sort of figured that the great and mighty Obelescence, one of the most powerful authors on the site, would actually come up with something ORIGINAL.

No offense.

...Kind of.

*SNRK* :rainbowlaugh:

Obs, you're a wonder. I think from this point on, I will ALWAYS wonder about you :rainbowderp:


I'd be more than happy to check out whatever story you read that was 'vaguely in the same vein' as this one, as I have not seen any such stories previously extant. Apologies if you feel that this story's indicative of me copying someone else. All I can say to that is that it simply isn't true.

Mostly because I have no idea as to who I've apparently copied from.

5070401 Would you believe this was already my headcanon for a long time? Minus the part about being a rapidly decomposing corpse.

My reasoning is that they are all spellcasters of considerable power with a personal connection to a physical object of great magical power (for the soul-in-object part), and are undead in the sense that Twilight's unicorn body was visibly vaporized before she got a new one. Presumably the same process applied to the others, and strictly speaking, to potentially count as undead you only need to die and either fail to depart from or come back to the mortal coil in any fashion.

Smoker #19 · Sep 29th, 2014 · · 16 ·

5070722 I'm not saying you explicitly copied anyone. I'm just saying that It's not the most original thing you could write.

I was going to read this for fun. Then I saw the title "in memory of" in your sidebar and lost the energy for anything funny...


The main argument for it not being original would be examples of ways this has been done before, so I'd need to see some of those before I can figure it unoriginal.

And, uh, even then, I just plain don't have any idea of this having been done before, which'd presumably count for something insofar as my supposed failure to be original.

Smoker #23 · Sep 29th, 2014 · · 32 ·

5070790 all right all right I. Sorry. Jesus, trying to argue with your kind is like the never ending staircase in mario 64: it just never fucking ends.

Comment posted by Lars deleted Sep 29th, 2014

You should have waited a couple of days to send this out, Obs. October's really the only month that could contain all of this spooky-scariness.

Ok, I have to read this, for no other reason than promises to poke fun at MMC's flimsy plotting.


The general idea of Twilight Sparkle being or becoming a lich (or other form of undead) is not your invention. Nor is the idea that Twilight might have an interest in (or at least studies) dark magic, or the idea that Twilight is on friendly terms (or any kind of terms) with a Lovecraftian (or vaguely-Lovecraftian) entity or two.

You are, however, the first person to ever combine all three. To my knowledge, anyways. And I can't think of any other things that people did before you beyond really pointless semantics and/or things that aren't actually original, but are more original than their alternatives so they're still okay. (Fluttershy being accepting of death isn't original, but Fluttershy being so pathetic as to be unable to deal with death is even less original so the former gets a free pass.)

Edit: I need to stop editing this post...
Would you believe that the entire second block was actually four separate edits to add more clarification?

I won't read right now, but I had to at least tell you that your title and short description are hilarious.

I was reminded of Dead/Light. Some definite differences, but some parallels too.

...I knew something about zombies was gunna happen...then a Lich happened...and then...bodybuildingdungeon.com/forums/attachments/misc-lounge/23454d1379095855-motivational-demotivational-picture-collection-mind-blown.jpg

Loved it, and got a good laugh!


Neato. Read-Later'd. I'll check it out sometime.

The portrayal of Spike's character herein meets general approval. You may go about your business free of bitching. But seriously, this is what I love seeing from the guy: the kind of playful and sarcastic wit that the writers can't seem to dredge out of him anymore. Though, comedy or not, a few bits still made me wish this'd ended with him torching Ponyville and leaving for something better. His place in the fandom will need to be a shit-ton more secure before his abuse is once again as funny as it is for any other character.

Oh yeah, and, uh...Twilight...stuff. Story an' all that. Good.

Oh my lord :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight sighed. “No, Pinkie, I am not going to rip your soul from death’s tender caress just so you can eat it.”
“Awww!” Pinkie pouted. “You never let me do anything fun.”

Best line ever. :rainbowlaugh:

And wow, this explains so much of how royalty works :pinkiecrazy: Them crazy princesses.

Also, I must ask, was this at all a Powerpuff Girls reference, or am I seeing things and this is actually just a clever necromancy pun?


Not that being the first person to write on a particular subject is required for a good story. I am convinced Obs could write a story about Twilight misfiring a spell that causes Rainbow Dash to break her wing and sends her careening into Pinkie Pie to knock her through the fourth wall and that it'd still be good. Somehow. I can't picture how, but it's there.

Hello Golgari Fluttershy.

... Does this mean that Shining is a necrophiliac?

All princesses are liches

That is what I though since watching Magical Mystery Cure and the moment Celestia rip something (soul?) from Twilight's chest and use it to transform her into alicorn.

"And... that's how Equestria was made?" :pinkiesick:

A dark comedy you say?

Alright. It's on my list. This is a rare combo, and very difficult to pull off. I'm interested to see how this turns out.

this isn't the first weird Twilight-using-necromancy fic I've read nor is it the second, but it was the funniest. sheesh, dark and comedy. what a combo.

Wow, I don't think I've found an undead monstrosity pony this cute since "Nosflutteratu". Nice work.

I think the phrase you're looking for is:

"It's the execution that matters more, not the concept."

5071425 Yes... yes it does... Either that, or he is the undying protector of Cadance.

Hah, nice work as always, mate.

I rather enjoyed it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

5071113 5071082 I checked it out. It was good, but I really didn't notice that much of similarity to it all. About all I can say they have in common is that Twilight is now an undead horror and it's her own fault. Nothing else really matches up IMO. Which leads me to the other reason I'm posting something...

5070798 The hell is this? You accuse a work of not being original, and when asked to explain yourself you lash out at the author. The lack of sense in that action is facepaw worthy alone. Having read over several other reactions that Obselescence has had to complaints of his work, both valid and invalid ones, I can reasonably say he isn't bitching at you, he is asking for an honest explanation for your accusation. There have even been those that pointed out how other stories have had/used similar ideas. Twilight being/becoming a lich having been the most common similarity. But unlike your actions these individuals actually PROVED their claim. PiMan even pointed out a story they felt was closest in concept to this work. Honestly I disagree with PiMan's example, but that's my opinion.

When you have valid criticism with a work, you are certainly free to voice it. But when asked to explain yourself, please actually try doing so rather than lashing out. Constructive criticism is the most useful thing an author can get IMO. But the type of bullshit you pulled makes the rest of us trying to give honest critiques a bad reputation.

I also commented on your blog as well, and will repeat it here because I feel like your the type to simply delete comments that disagree with you. The problem with your reasoning in said blog is that you're using FAN PORTRAYALS of Twilight to base your dislike, or at least only using examples from fanfics. Not saying you're wrong entirely, but using actual moments from the show/comics would give your point actual merit.

In case you're wondering if I only bothered to post this just to rip into you, you're mostly right. But also to thank 5071082 for pointing out a story that I rather enjoyed reading, even if I did disagree with it being similar to this particular story. I welcome it as an addition to my ever growing list of favorites.

Dead silence.


Ok, I've managed to read it. Funniest necromancy story since Rainbownomicon

Huh, makes a certain amount of sense.

5071931 Also, that place where Twilight was while that was happening. No one told about what that was. Not devoid of sense if that was Limbo.

Also, Star Swirl's spell was finished with: "and can create magic without end." It may be a possibility that: normal ponies (and other living creatures) can't cast endless magic; so to be able to contain it, (and as side effect of spell that she doesn't expect to end that way) she becomes something dark. And Celestia saves her by doing an "get wings + escape from that place" spell which probably requires Element of Magic, that she wielded herself before.

oh fuck me this is hillarious

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