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Hay guys! Glad you stopped by! Just another writer trying to get better... and I love writing them pony fics... Also, Fluttershy is best pony. Just saying...



Snowdrop, a young blind filly meets Icy Mist, a young disabled pegasus that moved to Cloudsdale. As they become closer, she unravels a certain secret that he begs her not to tell others. Can she save Icy from his father?

Warning - Foal abuse

Cover art by - SymbianL

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 386 )

I'm going to read this, but just judging from the description... I honestly don't have high hopes for this story.

Well done, I'll be following this one. I hope you are committed to finishing it.

Thou hast written one of the saddest and most accurate stories we've read. We all feel alone at some point and thou hast written it perfectly.
We very much approve, keep writing.

Well this was not all that bad, in fact, it was really OK

I like it and wish to read more

I imagine the name Icy replaces into my pegasi's name. :pinkiecrazy: Snowdrop is cute. :scootangel: I guess I like her a bit... :pinkiesad2:

That was great! Luna there said it well.

I see a bunch of poorly given downvotes there, I'll bet you anything those were given before this was read, and I have some advice, switch Snowdrop's and Icy's names in the description, spin the description to the effect of Snowdrop meeting Icy, instead of the other way around.

I've learned from simple observation that trying to lead with your oc can be an easy way to get stupid downvotes.

:pinkiehappy: Thank you very much! And I did, hopefully that'll help but I'm afraid it'd give them the impression that the story is told from Snowdrop's point of view...


Thanks, and I'm slowly working on Chapter 2. I may have to pick it up to have it ready for release next Sunday...

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

:yay: Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the follow and I'm seeing this through the end, no matter what.

Hopefully when you read it, you'd like it but thanks for giving it a glance.


It still works better though. :pinkiesmile: Especially because the cover art is of Snowdrop.

True and yeah, it works a lot better.


Yuuup, I wouldn't count on those jerks coming back to remove the downvotes though. :/ I honestly think that you should have to at least click on a story's chapters in order to vote on them... :twilightangry2:

I completely agree. If you don't like it, then don't read it. That's what I do. Or if you still wanna down vote, at least give it a chapter or two, some stories are slow in the beginning. Just my rambling opinion though. I should be quiet now... :fluttershyouch:

Hahaha I've actually read a little bit of that story! It's on my read later list... :pinkiehappy:


Oh? Well it isn't done yet...so take your time getting to it. Buuut if you jump in now you'll be in for a treat when the next update hits fimfic. :scootangel: (shit's goin' down 'n stuff.)

Hmm, okay. I'll have to try and catch up then.:yay:

This... This is good. You've managed to both fill me with hope for Icy and feel very sorry for him. Yes, you need to write more chapters.

Wow... something has to be done about this parental abused.

Thank you! :yay: And I'm hard at work on the 2nd chapter.

Oh don't worry, that'll be brought to light... eventually.

That stallion should be in the canterlot jail cells! I hope thou gives him his comeuppance! Tell ponies what is happening Icy!
We await thy next chapter eagerly. Keep up thy good work!

I really hate fathers like that, I have a friend who's dad beats him up. I tried helping him, but said it was okay.

:yay: Oh don't worry, I got that entire scene already planned out... And Chapter 3 will be started either tonight or tomorrow...

:fluttershysad: Yeah same here, my friend nearly had a mental collapse. I did everything I could but he just wouldn't accept my help...

I like this story, I'm kinda hoping Icy's father will change his ways and be a better parent

When's the next chapter gonna come out? I'm so excited :pinkiehappy:

Next weekend or sometime next week, give or take. :derpytongue2:

It's not good to eat ice cream in the morning.

Can you give me a Rp starter that's like this story?

Rp? You mean like role play right? Send me a message with what you mean and guidelines and we'll talk.

Say, does this event happen somewhere before the events of "Snowdrop" or does this story doesn't have any relation to the original fan-made video?:applejackunsure:

Right now its a "prequel". It's going to reference and/or steal from the video. The ending is going to be different but its mostly inspired by and using the video. I'm going to change a few things though.

Alright, if this is somewhat of a prequel of "Snowdrop". Does that mean something will happen to Icy Mist and Snowdrop's father, Storm Chaser that made them absent in the fan-made animation?

Eeyup, you could say that. I just gotta figure out how to write Icy out hehe... considering he wasn't there either.

Does anybody agree with me that "Tears of Snow" should made into an animation?

Please Reply

:ajbemused: Sorry to inconvenience you, but you are not following my requirement for Snowdrop FanClub.

I'll deal with it myself...

2690493. Oh. I put a post in Snowdrop FanClub stating that I want stories sorted by everyone, teen, and mature.:twilightsheepish: I put this in the teen folder.

(Don't ask why the rule exists, it just does.)

Whoops, my apologies... I didn't see that nor that it was under any folder. I'm sorry.:fluttershyouch:

2690610. It's alright.:pinkiehappy: I only made the post yesterday or something (My mind is very confused right now, with graduation on Tuesday), so it really is no big deal, and I put it in the teen folder:pinkiehappy:, so don't worry, it's taken care of.:pinkiehappy:

Great story, by the way:pinkiehappy:

Woo! Alright thanks for taking care of that. Good luck with grad and thanks :yay:

Anyway, back to the opinions. Anyone else agreed that this story should be made into an animation?

Can I say I'd like to see how that'd turn out? Even though my opinion is a tad bias... :fluttershysad:

Comment posted by Quasar4000 deleted Jun 17th, 2013

I thought you said that it might take you the next week to get the next chapter done.:ajbemused: Not another week or two.

Sorry.... I've been sick and I wasn't here at all this past weekend! :fluttershysad: I'm sorry....! I'm working on it!

It's okay... I just want to get it done... it's way overdue...

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