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Thanks for the fav.:twilightsmile:

1857990 Indeed, unexplained cheesecake is best cheesecake. I wan't sure if it was random for the sake of random or a reference to something but as long as the cheesecake doesn't have any reason behind it then all is well.

1849719 Oh come on surely you know the awesome power of an unexplained delicious cheesecake?

1846327 Thanks, I was planning to put the explanation on my profile somewhere but I decided not to for some reason. You'd think people would wonder about why I'm reluctant but you're the first person to actually ask about the name. Perhaps letting something remain a mystery is best sometimes... Like unexplained cheesecake...

1839890 ... Sheesh...well for one, hello there again, and two cheesecake because... well actually I haven't any clue but nice little story there, I must say.

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