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Sunset loved Twilight. Twilight always loved Trixie. And now, they had finally achieved what they wanted, stay together. But Sunset feel something wrong, something inside her was confused. She never had time to admit what she felt for Twilight, and now she could no longer. Sunset decides to write a letter. She want to have one last little talk with Twilight before Trixie take her from Sunset, forever.

Art by bakki, taken with permission.
Edited by the great Exterminate Regenerate, give him hugs!

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Maybe it's the cover art, but this story sounds like it needs a sad or even a tragedy tag.

5464501 It's the cover art. Not something that can make you cry.

Yar! Twilight's heart be captured by the Trixie.


Might want to edit your short description :twilightsmile:

Nice story. A bit sad but also happy

5464558 I'll edit. Thanks for pointing out, blame translate!

5464562 I'm glad you like it!

Shaud #7 · Jan 5th, 2015 · · 1 ·

I have a suggestion:

(Why not both?)

OT3 partaay.

5464758 Aaaaaaand you're now my favorite person of the day for responding with an El Dorado gif xDDDDDD

My only real complaint is that the grammar seems kind of off in some places. Kinda clunky. But besides that I like the story, and the little stories you had in it (AJ almost killing Sunset over the mistletoe kiss was golden)

10 out of 10 rate, I loved this fic.

I'm going to feature it on my favorites gallery.

5464843 Wow, thank you! And cute avatar!

One of the best SunLight fics out there. Definitely going in my favorites.

Ow my feels pump.

I'll have to write a feels story to get back at you for this.

5466278 Oh no, please, don't use the feels! PLEASE!

5465142 One of the best Sunlight out here? Wow man, that's a thing. Thank you very much, but, serious, try a read on Long Road to Friendship :twilightsmile: I'm just a humble writer here :moustache:

5466527 I have read Long Road, and I can safely say your story is just as good.

OMG da feels right now!!!! 10 / 10 for days!!!

5467078 Glad you get the feels! :twistnerd:

I freaking love that song

I remember when it came out and I had no idea what the video was about, but according to my dad it is a European folk story :)

5468340 Oh cool, I didn't know this. Well, I just know that this odd music gave me that idea :twilightsheepish:

I love the story.
From how I interpreted the story, I think it works well with the lyrics, like "Don't listen to a word I say", because you're happy with Trixie, that's how I read it anyway :)

5468366 I'm glad you liked it. That's what I meant :raritywink:

First off, this is phenomenal. Second off, this reminds me waaaay to much of this song. Like its the first thing that came to my mind. Especially since its the same concept and everything, down to the letter.

5468795 Coming from you is a GREAT compliment! :fluttershysad: :twilightblush: You got the Sunlight fever too, huh? :rainbowwild: And that music... So many feels! :pinkiesad2:

5468806 oh psssh. I'm not that better of a writer than you! Haha! And yep. No one can escape the Sunlight! :twilightsmile:

Just how I envisioned these three in the future. Right down to Twi's daughter being named Aurora (no, really :rainbowhuh:)
I think this song suits the mood...

May Sunset find love herself, someday. :fluttercry:

5470499 Sunset will, she will. Aurora came into my mind at the moment, so, yeah, thats her name. This song... So emotional... But I'm glad you liked :twilightsmile:

I hate you, I hate you for writing this because I grew rather fond of Sunlight fics, rather fast. I was enjoying this story, very good writing on your part. I love the story, I hate you for making Trixie the lucky one though. Proceed with outstanding writings and you shall be greatness itself.

5478135 Trixie needs love to.

5478135 Sorry for that, but soon I'll make a cute Sunlight fic! I promise! (because I love Sunlight too!)

5478532 Yeah! Trixie needs some love! And Sunset shall be next!

5479582 I think I know where you're going with that. And I'm all for it.

Thanks! :twilightsmile:
Well of course Trixie need loves too, and whilst I have absolutely nothing against her, I find that Sunlight is quite right. I mean in relation between Sunset and Twi, they are both bookworms, if only Sunset being a less extreme one, but that's a discussion for another time. I also, in response to your comment also kinda like the thought of more Twilight x Trixie x Sunset, it on quite another level, seems right, as trixie does seem to try to prove herself to Twilight and Sunset's still recent redemption, it would be a great idea. :twilightsmile:

5479582 Ooooh, New shipping idea!
Human World Trixie X Human World Twilight Sparkles.

The only problem....is that as of now, we have no way of knowing whether or not Trixie's going to have a big role in the third EQG film if at al. So it's a BIG stretch.

They're already working on a third film? Is it strange I'm actually excited, just because they're getting better with the animations, and I'm quite curious as to the storyline for it, maybe more Vinyl. No, definitely more Vinyl, I demand more transformer car. :pinkiecrazy:

5479941 Depending on how long it takes to make a movie, I would assume so.

Well generally three to four times as long, being the storyline is already set in stone of course.

I hate you... sniff

I know exactly how Sunset felt writing that letter... Crap now I'm crying...

5481732 I don't know if I feel proud of givin you the feels or feel bad for making you cry. But okay...

5483479 Be proud, be proud.

Although for personal reasons I can't have this story in my libraries, I will give it a like.

5483935 >being this unspecific
>thinking everbody wont want to know why

That was nice. Sad but nice. You should write a dedicated story for this. I think you have gold here.:scootangel:

5496897 Dedicated to what? Anyways, I'm happy you liked it!

i mean make a story on how this letter came to be. The evolution of Twilight and Trixies relationship and how Sunset was there. Maybe even a conflict of romances between the two as both confess love for Twilight! I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to these kinds of stories. I love the drama!

5496920 I would do it, but I have a story like that but with Luna, Sun, Trixie, Discord and Pinkie confessing to Twi at the same time. I don't know if you read it. But, this would be good. If you like to see a happy ending to Sun, go and see "She Looks so Perfect" by me. It will have a sequel very soon! :coolphoto:

69 likes. Exactly 69. :trollestia:

5504140 Nope 70 likes :trollestia:

5497040 The feels i-it's too much c-can't handle it :raritycry: (collapses into one big weeping pile of organic material)

5504601 Hehe. Anyways, can't handle so much harem, huh? :trollestia:

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