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Ambiance Quill

I write anthro ponyrotica stories that revolve around my human OC Ian Valentine, in various, usually unrelated stories. I try my best to give my stories some actual plot and character.


I'm through with writing · 5:23am May 25th, 2014

For those of you who are still following me after so long, I am really sorry. It's just been something I've gradually become aware of, there's no more fun in writing these stories, so I'm just not going to anymore.

It's nothing big, but if anyone wants to take the stories I've already written, I'll be happy to give them to you if you post which one(s) you want in the comments below.

Once again sorry, but I just don't find this worth my time anymore

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Ha ha, actually I had had them published a while back on fanfiction.net, but they removed them because they were "inappropriate" so I spend some time holding on o them until I could find a new place to settle down and start publishing again, thanks for the comment!:moustache:

Wow, 4 stories published on the same day? That's pretty good going, considering you must've been holding those 31,000 words back for quite a while to mass-publish them.

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