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Hey what's up everyone? I'm a video gaming brony geek who loves adventure and romance. My favorite thing to do is write stories for others across the world to read.


NOTE: Story is NOT cancelled. I am planning to reboot this story, but i need to focus on my other story first.

Following the events of the the Mobians and Equestria Girls: Fates Between Worlds, the Mobians had returned to the Mobian dimension, leaving the human world of Canterlot High back to its original peace. Or so they thought. But what happens when three mystical and musical creatures from Equestria obtain Chaos energy and Equestrian magic? And plan to use it to conquer the world? Heroes must return and join together once again to save the world again, while surviving high school, AGAIN.

This story is NOT followed by Mobians and Equestria Girls 2: Return of the Equestria Girls.

Plans to change cover photo.

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What plans do you have for Rainbow Rocks?

Comment posted by MarioJackFan98 deleted Jan 1st, 2017

Man, I really like your story. This actually inspires me to make a crossover with MLP and Sonic (probably include Mario as well.) Keep up the good work and Happy New Year.:twilightsmile:

Aww! Why did you cancel this story? It seemed to be going well.

at least it'll get a reboot which i am glad for

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