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POST YOUR CANDY FICS HERE! Just a random group! Post your pony and candy fics here!

1. No racism
2. Any attacking other users is unecceptable. See any of this, report to me right away.
3. ANY ANY any ANY attacking on ANYthing, will be definitely unexceptable. Report to me or an admin (when I get some) about this.

I don't want ANYONE feeling sad in this group. Now, this group is obviously about posting anything that has to do with candy. Bakery treats included.

CMC Clubhouse
Timelords and clumsy folk.

GO JOIN THEM! Now, SPREAD THE WORD! I mean, if you don't mind.

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I have a group called "Silly Pony Stuff!" if anypony wants to go check it out!! Details are on the home page of the group, but it's pretty much for anypony to be honest :rainbowkiss:x10
Now, I don't want to take away the shine of this group though, so I'm writing a fic to release on Halloween in honor of this awesome group!! Trick or Treating, Shenanigans, awesomeness, fun, and all that jazz. The story should be a fun read! Hope everypony enjoys it!!

I have a chocolate cake group.

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