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I'm a huge MLP fan, I love Fluttershy the most and I enjoy writing, gaming and making friends.

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I've been gone but I'm back and better then ever. · 7:02pm Oct 17th, 2015

Hello people I just wanted to say I haven't been updating because I've been going through a lot of depression, several reasons and it sucks. but now I have been working on my OC's and redesigning them. as you probably noticed my avatar changed. she's the new and improved Shining Star. she's no longer a clone of my OC Luna Alley. and many or should I say all of my OC's of MLP have gone through a change.

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1549079 I guess so. I left it open for a sequel at the same time of ending it, I'm working on the next on, it'll have even MORE sex in it!

1549070 it might be because they aren't in very many groups. Rainbows was awesome. The ending took me by surprise too.

1549068 Thanks! at least someone likes them, I'm currently working on the next Rainbows.

1549051 whoohoo!! Can't wait. Seriously those were hot.

1549044 Not much, just writing a couple new stories. :)

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