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Roseluck's been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. Everytime she's about to fall asleep, an overwhelming sense of loneliness swoops in and snatches it away.

The fact that she's looking after a creature from the stars doesn't help.

With nothing better to do, Rose heads out to her greenhouse for a little late-night gardening, hoping that a little time with her beloved flowers will help her fall asleep. As she works in the greenhouse, she sees her unusual houseguest is also having trouble sleeping. That, and he's holding a noose...

Special thanks to TheMarvelousMrM for proofreading and editing. I couldn't have done it without him!

Another special thanks to the Finnish indie band Poets of the Fall for the two songs that inspired this fic. Look 'em up, why don't 'ya?

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So when I'm crying alone
Yeah, when I'm cold as a dying stone

Grow me a garden of roses
Paint me the colors of sky and rain
Teach me to speak with their voices
Show me the way and I'll try again

Oh, Poets of the Fall. Great story, inspired by equally great music :twilightsmile:

This was a truly deep and moving story. It was an honor to read, and I thank you for writing this.

Maybe it's me being sleepy, but did I see a half life reference.

And for some reason, I kept thinking of dead space 1 when Adam talked about the sections of the homestead.

A Half-Life reference? Where?

There'll be more, right?

Wow... I don't read many tragedy stories. But that... wow. I have no words. Have a fave.

"Hairless star-monkey" is almost as good as "hyper-evolved thunder monkey."

I dunno. This was intended to be a simple one-shot.

If anyone's interested, here are the two songs that inspired this fic

Don't thank me. Thank the band that inspired this fic.

Good story with an excellent message. I like! Psst! Also, I wouldn't mind if a sequel came out of this... if that's okay with you, that is... :fluttershysad:

Grow me a Garden of Roses So when I'm crying alone...

hello fellow poets fan^^

4787781 you say it was supposed to be a one-shot, and it was a pretty good one...

But I want to read more.

Deep in his vegetable intelligence were countless secret crushes, hopes, dreams, and thoughts, and he’d never blab.

Deep in his vegetable intelligence


vegetable intelligence

Poetry. Pure poetry. :rainbowlaugh:

It's not a typo. Read the story and you'll understand.

just read the desc.

oseluck's been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. Everytime she's about to fall asleep, an overwhelming sense of loneliness swoops in and snatches it away.

All the time, all the time, I know your pain Roseluck.

Short, Sweet and Fantastic.


It sucks that Roseluck gets hardly any attention from artists and fic writers. Even by background pony standards.

Especially since her color scheme is particularly gorgeous. We need more fics like this (though preferably less depressing) and Apples and Roses and Purple Proses.

wow this was a really nice story! really liked it for a moment there i thought he was actually gonna kill himself. ends nicely but its hard to tell if rose is looking for a "real" friend or someone to have a relationship with.

kinda hoping for a sequel but idk.

Not bad, but felt VERY short for the amount of worldbuilding you kinda crammed in.

this story deserves a sequel pinkiesmile

Amazing story! I just love the feels it gives me!:heart:

Hello to you too!

Pretty great story, although there were a few minor typos with punctuation and such. Didn't detract from my enjoyment, though. :pinkiehappy:

4800947 thank you^^ Is that your fav of their songs?

4806152 hehe, nice choice^^ Mine's War^^


The one from the Alan Wake Soundtrack?

4809639 the main theme yes^^ But i dont only like it because of that game^^ I think its a pretty nice song in generel^^

4815052 A few things.


That’s right. the cream-colored Earth pony closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

'The' should be capitalized.

Lets try something else. Flowers, perhaps?

Should be Let's. Also, why only one pair of quotation marks?

Satisfied, the pendent flashed green,and an endless grassy meadow materialized around her.

There's no space between 'green,' and 'and'.

Rose carpeted it with flowers of all shapes, colors and sizes.There were golden swathes of daffodils and fiery marigolds.

There's no space between 'sizes.' and 'There'.

Made my breath smell terrible

I saw a period for the other things checked off the list. Why not this one?

Rose propped her head on her forelegs

Needs a period.

Rose grunted; for such a lean, skinny creature. The human was surprisingly strong.

Should be a comma between 'creature' and 'The'.

“I got this during a house fire back when I was a filly.”Salty rivulets trickled down Rose’s cheeks.

There's no space between 'filly."' and 'Salty'.

Rose wiped tears from her face.” We had nowhere to go.

There needs to be a space after 'face.'. The space before 'We' should be removed.

“She’d tell me that crying over a withered flower wouldn’t bring it back to life. If I wanted to heal, I had to get up and start planting again.

Needs to end in quotation marks.

Rose gave herself a mental pat on the back

Needs a period.

That's as far as I go. Like I said, very minor. There are still a few in the rest of the story, but I'm lazy right now. I may go back and find them later, or you can look for them yourself.
Great story! :pinkiesmile:

4816982 It happens. No worries, mate. :twilightsmile:

Is good, I like it

i do hope you decided to continue or make a story continuing this. I could see these 2 becoming great friends and even possibly a romance interest.

I do admit when i first saw this story month ago, i thought it would be... more along the lines of one or both of them dieing. i didn't read the comments just the description. however i still added it to my read later list..... well i was feeling down and depressed... i oddly felt... compelled to read this.. so i went looking through multiple pages in my read later to find this....

I have to say, i'm glad i read it. i was so bored and depressed... but.. other then there being no more of the story, i'm not feeling so down and bored anymore. thanks for the pick me up. i hope this continues in some way.


You're very welcome!

Always a pleasure to run into a Poets of the Fall fan! And the story inspired by their songs is great! It's touching and creative (initially I thought this was going to be a Dr. Who thing, but you went in a different direction, and massive Kudos for that) and ultimately really sweet, despite the sad beginning.

Great job!

Poor Adam. Sounds like he's had a really, REALLY rough life...

I want, no NEED you to put "the end" at the end of the fic.

Author Interviewer

Poets of the Fall is awesome. :D

And this is a good HiE! Though I do think you skimped on some parts -- I mean, the ins and outs of warp drive technology are not germane to the story at hand, but that's kind of the tip of the iceberg -- and I got a little tired of all the stuh-stuh-stuttering. <.< But I'll take this over wish fulfillment tripe anyday.


That is adorable beyond words.

A germanium looked her in the face. “Jerry, how’s it going?”


Well done! A good sad fic, though I did find an error:

Something large thumped down the stairs. Adam appeared, rubbing the side of his face with a towel. He smelled much nicer now; a combination of lilac-scented soap mixed with a strange, but not unpleasant alien musk. The mass of wiry hair that had been his beard had been trimmed into something reasonable. His hair...

You didn't end that section.

That's it, though. Thank you for writing this!~

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