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Drake Geiger wakes up one morning to find himself with a collar and a tag. Drake finds his pony owners, as he is their new pet.

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Dis gonna get interesting

5858736 I don't mean to be rude, but what do you mean by "feel dirty"?

5858752 Like I was there, on the ground, in a collar, being called a pet, sorta liking it and hating it at the same time, kind a dirty.


Man I LOVE this concept! Dude, take off that compleat sign and rewrite this chapter, cause' you can do WAY MORE with it!

Am i the only one who'd do this in a pet scenario.

strange....but neat

Sucks. This story just sucks. It's even not funny.

So he's ok with being treated as a animal?

This i a decent story. It could be better, and a lot more can be done with it. A whole lot more. So much ideas in my head, it hrtz.

6165573 I'm might continue this, though I'm working on some other works right now. But I will come back to this.

6165578 Awesomesauce. I look forward to seeing what you have planned.

I like it. I wish it had more chapters though. I've honestly been looking for a story like this.

I second this.

While the concept isn't bad, the way you wrote it was terrible. I don't mean like in your actual writing, but in the plot itself. It seems like logic was thrown out the window and buried 6 feet under with this story.

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