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Dunno what to say. I almost exclusively read and write AiE romance.


Rarity always hated Anonymous. But when Applejack, his employer and only friend, snaps at him and fires him from the only job he ever managed to get, Rarity claims she has some work for him. Anon accepts, but quickly realizes that maybe, he shouldn't have.
What exactly does she need him for?

Just a quick, cute, cheesy, tsundere Rarity kind of thing. First person Anon in Equestria, human x pony, etc., just as random and stupid as my other one-shots, but much shorter. And without any explicit content, except maybe a few harsh words here and there.

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this was nice, i'd ask for a continuation but it wouldn't be as fun since the whole tsundere thing was resolved at the end

I am pretending that I am anon. =D

~For a thousand days we could get carried away...
Are you in?

I liked it. Would be nice if it was continued, but if t isn't, then I'm ok with that too.

i think am not the only one hoping for a continuation

I'll comment later!

Okay! Okay! I'm back now, I can comment.

midget horse

I thought I was the only one that called them that.:rainbowderp:


"A graboid, darling."

I love the tremors movies.:pinkiehappy:

I mean, what's next, xenomorphs?"


Other than that I thought the story was over all sweet, had good pacing and was just generally fun.

Oh! and umm I know it says "complete" buuuut if I could get just one more chapter:eeyup: yeeeeeah that'd be great.

Good job Nosfrat /)

When did Sapphire Shores go from the pony equivalent of pre-creepy Michael Jackson to Celestia's personal seamstress? That one threw me for a bit of a loops
Other than that I quite enjoyed this. A bit rushed at times, but with great banter, and I just about laughed myself outta my chair when I saw the word Graboid (There needs to be a Burt Gummer pony now). Good job! Here, have a like!

4995083 Nope, I often call them midget horses too, but usually not in my stories.

Yup, I really enjoyed the Tremors movies, watched all four in two days or so. Now I have the TV series to watch... not sure I should. I wanna know what happens with El Blanco, though (if anything).

Now I need to actually watch the Alien series... I can't believe I still haven't, although I'm really not a fan of horror/gory shit, they're still classics and I need to watch them.

@ everyone else (and you too): to be honest, I'm not considering a sequel at the moment, but that could happen. There's definitely something that feels incomplete about this story.
I don't guarantee anything, but I might continue this.

Thanks man. (\

4995221 You never know what happens in the world of show business. I always liked the idea of the two near omnipotent princesses having their own royal everything despite not needing anything or anypony to begin with, just to troll and annoy them to unwind after a long day of not doing anything and eating cakes. :pinkiecrazy:

And yeah, Burt is a badass.

4991687 You gave me an idea. I should download some AiE stories and use some software or something to CTRL+F every instance of Anon, Anonymous, Nonny etc., and replace them with my name, then read the whole thing.
It would probably be awkward though. :twistnerd:

Celestia's personal seamstress, a certain Sapphire Shores.

Sapphire Shores was a musical pony wasn't she? The pony of pop or some such. Scratch that, def a musical pony. http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Sapphire_Shores

All in all, not a bad story. There are better and worse, it simply is. Thumbs'd up.

This was enjoyable, made my day, thanks for the refresment:twilightsmile:

4995221 If a Burt Gummer pony does come into being, I demand that he be named Due Caution and that he have crosshairs for a cutie mark.

And in the end AJ acted that way only to make Anon run away to make him hook up with Rarity.
Or something.
Awesome read though, as always :pinkiehappy:

5006143 I accept this as canon.


SOOONIC!!! SONIC X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This feels like a first chapter to a longer story.:duck:
Though it still feels nice as a one shot.:twilightsmile:

You never did explain what was up with Applejack.

6913208 Who knows. Maybe she was just tired. Having to work on the orchard alone is bad enough, but having to deal with Anon's antics? That was probably too much for her.

I think Rarity set Applejack up so she could spend time with her. Good story, really liked it.


I luv you...

6915569 I thought there was going to be a twist at the end of the story with Applejack's behavior, like she would reveal hidden feelings for Anon while alone in her barn.

7751741 Heh, maybe I'd have done that if I had been going for a multi-chapter story, it could have made for some interesting drama... but I like happy endings for everyone, and I'm not too big on love triangles/harems/herds/whatever you want to call it.


I honestly doubt it. The way the scene was described there seemed to be something on her mind. It could be anything, really. Not necessarily feelings towards him. Maybe something with Granny or her brother or sister. Maybe she is annoyed or jealous at her brother and his marefriend as one example. Though that is of course a love-related one. But, it could be somethind different, just can't think of one right at the top of my head.


Happy endings for everyone? Technically Fluttershy got the Bad Ending here. And Applejack is in a foul mood which might not be a happy ending for her either. Just things I liked to note down. :twilightsheepish:

Overall it was a nice little story. Only the Applejack thing did bug me seeing as one would expect to find out just what is up with her. :pinkiesmile:

Always happy to see Tremors reference:pinkiehappy:

Must have been one hell of a shovel to kill a graboid.

That's why Edgar never got off that damned tower!


Where am I? What year is it?

IS THE ROCK PRESIDENT?!? :facehoof::facehoof:

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