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This story is a sequel to Princess Celestia is in your bed.

It's hard to get rid of a sun goddess when she doesn't want to be gotten rid of.

Reading the prequel is highly recommended. Find Chapter 3 here!
Rated teen for mild language.
Now with audio reading by MelancholyIguana
Cover art by SilFoe.

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It's going to be a long week for him, isn't it? :rainbowlaugh:

Bahahahaha girlfriend?!

I can't wait for that to happen!

It got a giggle out of me mate.

I am trying so hard not to die right now.

I can't help but wonder what it would be like if this turned into a bro in equestria sort of thing. you know, two guys and their house end up in equestria. but without the amazingly sad ending.

OC: I'm strangely okay with this.
Celestia: Stop talking! You're ruining it!

This story is so funny! Here, have a Spike Mustache! :moustache:

“Relax.” She rolled her eyes and grinned at me over her tub of ice cream. “I'm only banished here for a week.”

I raised an eyebrow and shut both doors of the fridge. “Were you banished for stealing others' food?”

“No, for making a move on my niece's husband, Shining Armor.” She took another bite and grinned. “He's totally into me.”

Ah you naughty miss! :twilightblush:
And maybe next time, get better pick up lines for the inevitable threesome with Shining AND Cadence :trollestia:

Hi! :pinkiehappy:

Really? The best story on Fimfic?
No, the best story of all time!?
You flatterer, you. :ajsmug:

The longest! ^.^

I may have forced myself into writing yet another sequel.

I'm glad it did! ^.^

That's a worthy goal!
I wish you luck.

You know... that actually sounds like a fun concept.
A HiE with two people going to Equestria together. One is a brony, the other is most definitely not.

Heh, yeah. Everybody knows Celestia hates consensual cuddling!

That... could be a fun clopfic.
I should tell my clop alt about it.
(Yes, me and my clop alt communicate exclusively with Fimfic PM's.)

5293000 Its no fun when they like it! :trollestia:


That... could be a fun clopfic.

True that. A fun, consensual, kinky polyamory threesome clopfic would be nice. Just make sure to have Celestia as in character as possible. Shining Armor banging both Cadence AND Celestia? Lucky sonofabitch! :pinkiehappy:

OKAY well at this point I think I would have called the cops or just to humiliate her animal control.

And here I was, thinking that I was losing my edge.

After which, the poor innocent animal control officers were banished to the moon.

Where they asphyxiated, because Celestia doesn't know that our moon doesn't have air.

5293020 I would still get rid of her.


Amusing, but I'm not sure why it's a separate fic instead of another chapter of the first one.

5293025 The clopfic community needs more fun and consensual polyamory threesome stories and Favors seems to be like one of those clopfics that I can get into. :rainbowkiss:

Oh god wow Celestia is such a ass like worst roommate ever.

why its so short uhhhhhhhhhhhh

Eh, because the first one was never intended to be more than a quick one-shot until people asked for more.
And also because a sequel will get more attention than a new chapter, especially since all the original readers of the first one saw it marked as 'complete'.

I should write more clop.
It's been forever since I did a clopfic.

...and that's why Celestia is interested in him?
She likes kinky stuff like that. :trollestia:

It's short because, well... I don't think I could carry this premise through a long story.

you know you can always make him argument betwen them that she is pony aka horse aka animal or she is like human and celestia start fucking with him and making all horse noises and other annoying horse thing. Etc etc :p

Ooh, now that would be a fun direction to take it! ^.^
Gotta combine that with the girlfriend thing somehow.
Maybe convince Celly that she needs to act like a horse to convince the girlfriend it's no big deal.
And then Celly can slip up and say something at just the wrong moment! :rainbowlaugh:


"See? This is your, uh, early birthday surprise. You always wanted a pony, right? Sure, she's got wings and a horn, but she's still all horse." Slaps her flank in emphasis.
"Wait, did she just say 'ow'?"
"Okay, she definitely just said 'neigh'!"

derpibooru and tag horses doing horse things will be for sure helpful ;p

let his girfliend ride celestia lol because horse

Ohohohoh, mister !!! Now we demand a sequel involving such girlfriend !!!! You´re in deep trouble !!!

And I STILL can´t figure why I like this so much ! It´s silly, makes no sense, puts Celestia out of her char and, still, it´s tantalizing !!!!

Okay, now I actually want to write that!
:facehoof: I'm never going to be done writing sequels for this, am I?

Where do you think I found the cover image? :raritywink:
And yeah, definitely have to have the girlfriend riding the 'horse'.

I think it's tantalizing because Celestia is out of character... but because she's out of character in a very fun way.
(And it gets a little slice of believability because we don't know that much about Celestia's character, actually... especially when she's in unfamiliar situations.)

Feature boxed. ^.^
Was there ever any doubt? :trixieshiftright:

“No, for making a move on my niece's husband, Shining Armor.” She took another bite and grinned. “He's totally into me.”

Goddamn it, Molestia.

5292993 i'd write it but it would require too many boring day to day activities to write. I don't write that stuff as well as literally anything else.

Can't blame a girl for trying! :raritywink:


Nice one, Ocalhoun!


too many boring day to day activities

Only if you neglect to include a dragon invasion or something to spice things up! ^.^

Please write some more of these, they're wonderful.:yay:

Why this is so AWESOME! Why?

“Did you wish really hard?”
I see what you did there... And I'm surprised I'm the first one who said this.
I was kind of hoping the protagonist would tell Wayne off in the end. Something within the lines of "Don't. Say. Anything."

What happened? Did it get deleted or something?

Edit: Wait... sorry. My mistake.


Once again well done sir. Mustache for you.:moustache::moustache:


complete? :raritydespair: wai?

Dude, don't make separate stories outta these
I don't care if the first had no colorful language, this is the kind of fic that should be linked together, not told separately.
Looking forward to seeing the next one *smirk smirk*


Nope! This is one of those rare stories that is just so perfectly set up for wacky hijinks. Like Geodesic's "Of Horses and Whorses" you can't just end it partway through the hilarity!

Lovely sequel! All the comedy of the prequel, I loves it!

“It's gotta be aliens. The only explanation for—”

Aaaand the prize goes to Random Guy On the Street!

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