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I enjoy spending my free time jotting down ideas for new stories, though most of them either go into the trash bin or are left unfinished. Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy the works that I publish.



Apple Bloom has fallen in love with Sweetie Belle, and she doesn't exactly know how to go about telling her how she truly feels. She turns to Applejack for some advice and soon finds the confidence that she needs in order to convey her love to Sweetie Belle.

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Not bad, matter of fact I liked it.

4821971 This is actually my first story rated for everyone :rainbowlaugh: so it's kind of hard for me to write it. I'm glad you liked it though :pinkiehappy:

4821982 to be perfectly honest... I didn't know you could...:rainbowlaugh: I saw it was for everyone and then I saw the you wrote it and I was like :rainbowhuh: but then I read it and now I'm glad I did. :twilightsmile:

4822020 Yeah, I'm more used to writing mature stories that I thought I'd take a break from that and give myself a challenge. That's when I decided to write this.

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Dawwww... for someone who hasn't written any stories with an Everyone rating before you are doing a really good job!! And getting better every time.

"Granny I'm...a filly-fooler."

Bam!!!! Verbal throat punch!!!!!

I can feel some yelling is about to happen.

Well........that was harsh.

Very harsh but I've heard of worse reactions. Still an awesome story though.

Poor Applejack and Applebloom. Granny has no right to do that.

Damn it! Why do these things never go well?

I knew you couldn't leave this story unfinished. It truly is a beautiful story.

5045868 You'll have to wait until tomorrow.

are you make part 2 of this story?:scootangel:

5050951 did you read the Author's Note: for this story?

Another beautiful chapter. Well done Nightlock.

This was a great story. Well done Nightlock. Wish I would have read it sooner. :rainbowlaugh: Anyway I'll be looking forward to book two!:twilightsmile:

This hits way to close to my. Heart I've experienced something along the lines of this I'm literally crying

Awwwww! Reading this has been an incredible experience, and the last couple of lines genuinely took my breath away!

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