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After being summoned to a meeting with Wonderbolt Commander Spitfire, Rainbow Dash finally learns the truth about why she has been passed over by the Wonderbolts all this time. A little bit of Rainbowfire.

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Wow, she's really taking having her lifelong dreams crushed pretty well. RD, you're a better pony than I could ever hope to be.

:rainbowkiss: "Spitfire, I need you to hide in a cake. And exit it in a sexy manner!"

*Insert Spitfire Sad Face here* "....Slag."

wow Celestia really troll Rainbow with this one. let beleive the entire time she could join the Wonderbolts. that's low Celestia, even for you.

On one hand, her dream is crushed. On the otherhand, not entirely so... It is still possible for her to work with the wonderbolts on a military-esque mission if the elements of harmony are needed. That said RD may end up leading them, as a officer of the Equstrian forces in general, due to military training and the apparent prestige of her current rank. It may all depend on how RD plans out her actions later.

Your word is law anywhere in Equestria

So then why didn't Rainbow just make herself a Wonderbolt on the spot?

Other than that, nice little story. +1'd

5358759 It has always been my head canon that Rainbow Dash's true dream is not to be a Wonderbolt, but to be recognized by them. To be counted among the best flyers in Equestria by the best flyers in Equestria. She simply projects that onto becoming a Wonderbolt because the Wonderbolts are considered the best flyers in Equestria, and Joining them is an achievable representation of her goal.
5359415 She does not make herself a Wonderbolt because the Princesses made her an HVA, and thus too important to be allowed into the Military organization, and their word trumps hers.
5359080 Less "Trolling" more "Controlling information to perceived benefit of all". She did not want the girls' lives to change noticeably before they were ready for it, so she tamped down the flow of information. The fact that it also had side effects like preventing ponies from learning that Chrysalis had defeated her, and that she was essentially useless against Discord is just a bonus.

5359463 not tellingthe public i can understand but NEVER telling Rainbow that because of her position now she can't be a Wonderbolt. That is low, because the few times Rainbow has been around her and no doubt Twilight's letters she would know that was Rainbow's Dream. At least have the decency to tell Rainbow in person why her dream can never be. No after many applications Spitfire has to tell her. No wonder Luna went NMM with this Clestia.

So much information about this universe in such a small amount of words, yet still extremely enjoyable.

Great job!

I like it! You took a sensitive subject and put a spin that turned it into an overall positive experience. Bonus, it all makes sense.

5360014 But NOT telling Rainbow. That's the key part here. Rainbow learn in the worse possible way why she can't be a Wonderbolt.

But to be honest, Rainbow Dash gets in more danger living in Ponyville then the Wonderbolts do so in the end a weak arguement for her not joining them.

5360081 yet we've only seen them twice in a combat role. Spike's Greed Episode and Tirek. THAT'S IT. Rainbow mean while dealt with NMM, Discord, and Changelings. Then consider the wacky stunts she pulls. she isn't safer outside of their ranks.

5360166 true but this is RAINBOW DASH we're talking about. Even if I agreed with the reason the way she learn was a jerk way to do it. That could have easily gone worse.

This was a good read to me, but there was some parts that were messed up and didn't make since.

5358997 I learned a new word today thanks to you. Albeit one I'll probably never use, but I still found your comment pretty funny.

This was cute. :twilightsmile: A little sad, since Dashie got her lifelong dream of joining the Wonderbolts smashed (at least in this story), but...

She does outrank the 'Bolts. And she can still fly with them if she wants. :raritywink:

I really like reading this, Its post Tirek and it gives a excellent explanation to RD's dilemma. the author had great reasons as to why RD can't be a wonderbolt but she can still have her dream of flying with them if she wanted to, All being she won't be a wonderbolt herself but she would have her dream come true.

This explains so much. Head-canon accepted!

We now need a Sequel fic with Rarity going to some event in Canterlot and have Nobles, and maybe Blueblood with their heads too far up their plots to have cared to pay attention to any news involving a pony from a "Backwater" town like Ponyville, only to have her own status as a HVA and being second only to the Princesses revealed to them.

TiaC #20 · Dec 9th, 2014 · · ·

Sixteen? Really? She's been in management for years and you're claiming she's sixteen?

To me, this seemed really out of character for Rainbow Dash to take this news so well, and for her to just accept that Celestia has been withholding information this important from her. Rainbow Dash is impulsive and a bit of a hot head, she should be storming up to the throne right now demanding Celestia herself tells her why she wasn't told this before.

5360541 It's from Hasbro's OTHER major franchise. XD I first heard it in Transformers : Beast Wars.


Very good.
A nicely told reson as to why the mane 6 is never recognized in the show.
I do like the idea of Rainbow Dash now being apple to control the wonderbolts, nice touch that one
Good job 4.5/5


Aku #28 · Dec 9th, 2014 · · 1 ·

Eh, it's a good read. I can believe Rainbow would accept her apparent command of the WB in the moment, especially if Spitfire distracted her with a race, like she did. I would expect it to fully hit her latter, and then start demanding answers from Celestia.

5/7, would not reread, but glad I read it once.


Amazing story idea, HVA and all the logical stuff. This is really good!
Things that aren't so good: me being immature. :rainbowlaugh:


“You’ll be eating my wind.”

Totally imagined Rainbow flying ahead of Spitfire, and just ripping a fierce bit of gas. Basically breaking wind AND the sound barrier! :derpytongue2:

I am inclined to agree! :yay:

Good, but it feels like more of a beginning then a whole story.

Yesh why haven't I thought of this headcanon before? It's so obvious, yet it slipped my mind. Of course Celestia would be on media-censor duty to keep the Element Bearers a secret. It would draw too much attention towards the Mane 6, and we all know how nosy some people can be.

A fantastic and well-presented head-cannon. I buy this.

Mmm... just a good story with a very good idea.

“According to this File, there was an incident involving Discord last Fall, but details were sketchy at best. Nopony knew who was involved with stopping him, if they had heard about the incident at all.”

You are aware that the six of them were publicly knighted for this, right?

Sure, up until her last birthday, she had technically been too young to join their ranks, but now that she was finally sixteen, she was positive that all of her hard work was going to pay off.

Rainbow is definitely older than sixteen by the time season one starts, let alone by the end of season four, which this presumably takes place at. (In Pinkie Pride, Rainbow presumably turns twenty-one)

On the other hand, I liked the different take on Rainbow's chances to becoming a Wonderbolt.

But, they were publicly recognized for defeating Discord, they were all there at Twilight's coronation, during which Celestia mentioned how they had helped her become reunited with Luna... The premise of this doesn't seem to make much sense, and I sort of cringe at a term like "Element Protectorate".

RD and the others are also almost definitely older than 16, what with living on their own and having jobs and what not. Of course, one could argue that these ponies age differently and thus the age scale is different. So, that's easily sidestepped.

Now that I am done being harshly honest, I enjoyed reading this in spite of all that. The ending was cute.

Like China, there are no Child Labor Laws in Equestria.

Agreed, mate. Even though Rainbow can never really join the Wonderbolts, it isn't because she can't make the cut--she's simply out of their league.:rainbowdetermined2: Now that's a refreshing perspective.

Author Interviewer

Good concept on this one, but you spend too much time at the outset setting it up. Also, I was a little iffy on some of the details, like Bulk Biceps being the handicap on her team (not Fluttershy?), Rainbow just turning sixteen, and Spitfire saying she's the highest-ranking pegasus in Equestria (again, not Fluttershy? shouldn't they be equal rank then?) Keep writing, though! If you come up with ideas like this regularly, you're on the right path. :)

"Your word is law" ???

While the Elements may be important, powerful and what not, I don't believe they would have legal enforcement powers. Maybe Twilight. Maybe. But certainly not the others.

But keep writing, mate. We can never have too many MLP fanfics!! :-)

Well, ONE of them has finally figured out that there's a list of things they are allowed and not allowed to do, but ONLY because she was told strait out! All hail the life of attack dogs. Spike watch your ass and spread the word to Zecora, sinse you're the only nonponies in the room your days are numbered!

This would explain a lot. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

There are some stories that only have one relatively short chapter but is of excellent quality so that they really don't need more words.

I call these stories cookies.

You sir, made an excellent cookie.

This... THIS I can appreciate.

This was a nice read, but like other people have said some things about it just don't make sense or actually conflict with canon. One thing I'm surprised no ones mentioned is the fact that as of the season four episode Testing Testing, 1 2 3, Rainbow is actually a part of the Wonderbolt reserves. And this obviously takes place after season four and that episode since there was a mention of Tirek. I'm not sure how canon you meant this story to be though, so I can look past it. It is a good concept and I enjoyed reading it.

well that make sense why rainbow can't join

I like the concept! The canon compliance is a bit iffy sadly as others have said, and I'm not sure I like most of the titles you ascribed to being an Element of Harmony etc. but overall it's a nice concept! You could've gone with double-spacing between the paragraphs, it makes it easier on the eyes on the internet especially.

Great story. It also helps explain other things as well.

Fleet Admirals

dear lord no
Flt. Adm. are only given out in wartime situations not on whim so the Mane 6 would at least be General Grade officers not G-5 or Flt. Adm.

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