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Hawker Hurricane

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I awoke in a strange land with nothing to my name and nothing of home. After watching a stunt team do a performance, I found a new challenge. One that would push me beyond my limits.

I would be one of them.

I would be a Wonderbolt.

No matter what it took.

(First person, from my ponysona's perspective. Partially self-insert.)

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Stand back, there's a hurricane coming through.

Comment posted by JakJak75 deleted Mar 31st, 2020

Shows promise. I'll wait till it gets a little longer, but i'm excited!

Can’t wait for more, I have a hope he gets a break soon

Is it me or these ponies don’t just use a memory spell? Like Luna could easily go to his mind and see for herself :applejackunsure:

I think he needs to do more then just right history... He should advance other countries just to mess with Equestria

Awesome! It's 3 AM now but Who cares? Well done!

Not even Mickey Goldmill would have called Rocky a bum as quickly as Soarin did you. RIP Burgees Meredith.

I think that this chapter's main point is fear. Ponies fear what is strange or different to them, as do all living creatures. The problem I have with ponykind in the series is that instead of coming to know others out of something as simple as curiosity, they have a knack of portraying themselves as a bigotted and racist species. Instead of conquering their fears and preconceptions, they cower and rot in them. Do not take what I say as a kind of absolute truth, for I consider myself to be an ignorant fool. This is what I understood by watching some episodes of My Little Pony: Frendship is Magic.


Like, at the same time! :derpytongue2:

"Oooh, I'm so scared of what a cake addict will do."

Quickly, one in particular came up to me. A small white rabbit.

I expected him to show up. :ajbemused:

Instead of CNN could be PNN :ajsmug:

Anyways, makes me wonder if SpitFire knows that he is human. Hopefully he will be able to prove he is

Looking forward to seeing you update your stories, Hawker! :)


Should't this story have human tag?

Vinyl left me and I decided to go over to one of the empty kiosks. Placing the phones on my head a selected one of the songs available. I'd no idea what they would be like or what kind of music they did.

I quickly deduced I didn't like this particular artist and selected another.

My second choice was much better. The closest Earth equivalent I'd say would have to be Billy Joel.

Reminds me of

I've heard of music being in good/bad taste, but I don't think that's the way it ususally works. :ajsmug:

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