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There's a new student at CHS and the girls are eager to welcome the new arrival.

He refuses to disclose any personal information about himself and shuns any attempt at making friends with 'bloody teenagers'.

What, if anything, is he hiding?

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I’ve been looking for a story like this for so long! Thank you so much for making my dream come true.

Would you tell me in which direction you are planning to go with this?, I'm kind of expecting the main six to pester him no matter if he should want to be their friend or not, that they don't respect his privacy and either guilt-trip or force him to change.
I just have seen to many ways for something like this to go south (or how you say it).

If you want to answer that I would like a short PM about it.
I also like it if the main char has a strong personality, you know where the main six don't act as his sensei/ upperclassman. (if you know what I mean).

A few nitpicks, regarding public schools in America (where CHS is presumably based).

It would be attendance in the morning. Registration happens during the first few months/weeks before school, depending on your location.
A vice principal would not give a personal tour; a student or a counselor would.
The first period in a day is called "homeroom".
Physical fights would end in suspension. No expulsions are possible at public schools.
Home Economics is no longer taught at most public schools, as the possibility of lawsuits has grown and schools are afraid of accidents or allergic reactions.
Stalking of another child in a supermarket would not end in a ban from a market, as they could care less. The school could also care less. A sexual harassment form could be filed, but usually only sexual harassment claims from women are recognized these days.

Story is very good so far.

Okay, I'm sorry, but I cannot, and I repeat cannot get into this story. The lead character's a dick for no obvious reason, and he's hugely disrespectful. I personally would rather see Sunset kick his ass into kingdom come than welcome him into her group and probably hook up with him given the direction I can see this story going.

While not common, I've seen expulsions from public schools before, but generally, it takes more than a brawl. Unless that's changed within the last decade.

I love how much of a douche this guy is :twilightsmile:

I am relatively certain that it would be preventing a student from getting an education and stopping them from attending school, which are both illegal. That is what our health teacher said after venting on us about stupid students.

Hey, you're probably right. When I went to high school, they preferred sending unruly students to "Alternative School" and using the main school as bus shuttling rather than expelling them.

He's so bad, man! An outsider nobody understands!

What's there to love, he keeps on insulting anyone and everyone for no obvious reason. Now, if they had insulted or demeaned him first yes his remarks could be called for, but right now the lead is just an unlikeable ass.

I beg to differ. Seriously, if this guy came to my school he'd be earning a punch to the face. He has earned nothing but understandable scorn with all the shit he's pulled throughout the story.

There will be more details that reveals why he's acting like he is. I do have a character background set out for him.

Yeah, I'd suggest you reveal it soon, like next chapter soon as your lead's current attitude is a real turn off and he has really no excuses right now to even back up his dickish actions.

9216439 Maybe, but it's still better than all the goodie good beta males that kiss all ponies' asses that are prominent in these kind of fics.

I fail to see how acting like a complete dick is any better.

Maybe let the author do what he wants with the story

Except for blatantly insulting their band, I was mostly on Axle's side. The going home, because I live there comment is the kind of thing I might have said. Heck it's something I could see Dash saying if she was feeling snarky, yet they jumped down his throat over it. Then their status as the popular girls means they had the whole school turned against him. And the homeroom seating thing was all on Sunset too.

While Axel is a little too confrontational. I definitely like where this story is going. His attitude is understandable though since we've got a pretty good idea of the situation he's in. I'm really curious to see what Shining and SciTwi roles are in Axel's life. Consider this followed.

Also, does anyone know if there are any more "Human in Equestria Girls" stories out there?

You need to stop misleading with the summaries.

Ok this is starting to approach the toxic message of Cranky Doodle where Sunset seems to think if she pesters Axle enough she can be friends with him. Especially bad when she borderline blackmailed him with the soccer team thing. Honestly, between that and Rainbow's near constant jabs I wouldn't be inclined to hang out with them either.

"These incidents more commonly occur during the summer months, particularly when schools are shut and students have nothing else to do. Now, take Canterlot for instance. The city has two major stations and numerous smaller stations, with Canterlot Piccadilly alone has 32 platforms with trains departing and arriving every minute meaning very busty and congested junctions. Even professional workmen in high vis safety PPE need to exercise extreme caution. Now, whilst trains moving in and out of a station are moving relatively slowly, the same can't be said for trains on the main lines. On the Canterlot - Manehatten route, the class 260 express trains can reach 200mph. At that speed it can take the train up to 2 miles to come to a complete stop."


"Maybe he's from another world like Twilight?" Pinkie suggested.

Oh fuck you.

Did anyone hear a clock chiming when they read the tittle chapter?

Ok. I see why Axle is pissed about the Sun. I share his sentiment for those poor people who perished that foul day.

"Any idea what J Jonah Jameson has planned today?" asked Axle.

Wait a minute!


Considering what happened the last time someone was forced into feminine clothing on the grounds of a promise and his "keep my word" phase used against him, I'll keep my expectations for retribution on all time low.

Oh diddly fuck I am running away now.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter. When’s it going to be?

Oh boy. ANOTHER story where our main character becomes nothing more than a beta fag for everybody to dress up and push around while he does absolutly nothing but whine and cry for the next four chapters until somebody reasonable has to tell him to stop being a little bitch and actually stand up for himself. I totally haven't seen this used in other stories.:ajbemused:

9997263 I skimmed through the whole chapter because of that reason. See, this guy gets it.

Can we expect the next chapter anytime soon? This seems to be really getting good!

I'm not sure. I'm working every day at the moment with little time to properly rest. My last day off was New Year's Day. I more of less know where the next few chapters are going so it should be a little easier getting something down though.

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