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This is a primarily a short story about stress, anxiety and the importance of parental affection in the development of young adults against a backdrop of political chaos and instability across the Griffonian Empire after a decade of wars; some large and some small.

If that name is unfamiliar to you, then I'm happy to explain that this story is based on a headcanon from the Hearts of Iron IV mod Equestria at War in which Duchess Gabriella and Duke Gerlach secure Griffenheim and rescue Grover VI from the talons of the Archon. From there they reconquer the empire and look after Grover VI as his wards, which gives us the backdrop to this short story.

I have also decided to flesh out this story, you can find the longfic version here which is currently receiving weekly updates, though that may be subject to change as my exams are coming up.

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There is so much thought and care put into this, it deserves heaps more attention than it's getting now. It's neat to see all the ways in which the universe is different or has changed, and I might just want to get into fics of this type!

Lucky for you, there's several authors focussing on the EaW setting! If you look in the groups this is featured in, you'll find several of the most active are currently taking part in a writing competition. There's also a general EaW group with hundreds of stories in it. :moustache:

Thanks chief, that means a lot!
I'm actually starting work on a longfic which greatly expands upon this timeline and Grover's struggles on the whole currently; so hopefully that comes out as well as this one seemingly has ^-^

I know what my next playthrough will be!

unfortunately the path for this is very old and you can't even get Grover VI's coronation or cores on the frontier with it, so just be warned


I cry every time.

Well, I’ve only ever done Rosewood Order for Longsword, may as well go all the different paths the commies get.

Man it’s always nice to see our lovely little boy Grover! And in a good context like this :)

A splendid story and great humanisation (griffonisation?) of the figure of the Emperor.

Love for the lad and his family is always a good thing ^-^

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