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FINNALY!!!! I have a story concept that I can actually fully plan out!!! Though I'll need help... · 6:08am Sep 7th, 2013

As that stupidly long title says, I finally have a story concept that I can take from beginning to end without any gaps in the sequence of events. Very basic description;

In the last few months; Twilight and Spike have noticed that several times a week a book will strangely vanish from the library, while a previously missing book reappears on the shelf as if it had never disappeared. When Nightmare Night comes around, Twilight asks Luna if she could help them uncover the culprit. And who do they catch borrowing the books without permission? Well... it's not a pony, it's a... half Timber Wolf half Gryphon???? Needless to say, this piques Twilight's curiosity. And with Luna's new Everfree Forest Research Lab starting up soon, she see's it as a prime opportunity. Possibly in more ways than one.

So, yah, the idea being that the TimberGryphon and Luna slowly fall for each other, with hiccups and many obstacles along the way. It's unlikely that this will actually go anywhere without someone else's help, on account of the fact that I have semi-perpetual writers block when it comes to putting a full scene into words (forced writing = headaches, frustration & poor writing so that's not an option). I would ask a friend of mine but I don't think I can trust him with a non-dark story. I've started with notes and know how I want a lot of the dialogue to go for what would be the first few chapters. If someone's willing to assist with the writing portion I'd be grateful, less this take till the universe ends.

Edit: Forgot to mention; the half Gryphon half Timberwolf is male and his name is SplinterBeak

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very interesting....
I hope that this will be done soon, from what I can see from the description so far....
Hilarity will possibly ensure....:trollestia:
:yay: yay~!
you're writing a story!

(dude if you needed a story idea, I have too many!! take a few of mine!!!!!!!)

1333366 yes, some hilarity will indeed ensue. As well as some sads, mainly SplinterBeak's backstory but some in other areas too.

BTW, it sounds like you misunderstood part of the blog. I'm incapable of fully writing this by myself on account of the way my blasted mind works. I have countless ideas for potentially good (though semi-complicated) stories, the problem lies in the fact that I have great difficulty forming a complete story. There are normally giant gaps in the storyline where I have a very vague idea of what happens but I can't think of anything specific. Random scenes that have a large impact on the story I can do, but not the rest. This story is the first story I've ever thought up where I actually am able to figure out and plan a fully storyline, rather than random scenes. Which I am happy about.

I posted this blog thinking that someone who visits my page might see it. I didn't expect any of my very few followers to actually see this. Considering how easily things in the feed box get buried.

Also, unfortunately I won't have access to the computer I use to edit, until tonight. As soon as I finish I will PM the proofread version to you.

Eh... I'm one of those people that just scroll through their newsfeed looking for something interesting to read....
Ya'know what I'm talking about right...?
Anywho! It does sound like a really complicated story, and I hope y'all get it sorted out, ya'here!

1334593 I know that this post is a bit old, but I'd still like to say something.

I must say that my mind works strangely similarly to yours. I get so many ideas that it sometimes keeps me up at night...in fact, it often does..., but each at varying levels of completeness and detail. If you have interest in writing a story of your own, or at least partially your own, why don't you offer to collab with others on these incomplete ideas? Maybe let others fill in the gaps for you.

I don't know, just a thought. That's at least how the collab between myself, Shutter, and Feather sort of happened...not that it's made much progress.

On another note, your idea is interesting. It's something I'd like to see get off the ground (if it's not there already), though I regret to say that I can't be the one to help it do that. I've got too many unfulfilled promises as it is. If you need a proofreader, depending on how quickly you get stuff done, I may be able to at least help with that, though.

Gonna agree with SoulWriter too and say that if you ever want a story idea or even help filling in the gaps of an idea of your own, let me know and I'll try my best to assist.

Keep being awesome,

1403955 Thanks for your input. I've also been thinking about look for a co-author or two. Aside from helping me with writing the story, I will also be able to bounce ideas off of him/her/them. Which can only improve the story.

I'm just not sure how to go about finding someone (or two) to co-author the story. And seeing as how I already have an idea for a sequel-of-sorts (taking place after this story and in the same universe but SplinterBeak isn't even a secondary character, Just a minor side-character) I'm really not sure. Oh well. Thanks again for the input and offer of assistance!:twilightsmile:

1405001 Well, to find people to collab with, there are two routes that I suppose you could go. If you have someone in specific in mind that you'd like to collab with, just PM them with your idea and ask them if they want to be a part of it. That's what I did with Feather and Shutter. If you're just looking for anyone, post the request for a collaborator in a group; Authors Helping Authors or something like that.

Just a thought.

1405106 Ok, thanks for the info! Also, check your email:twilightsmile:

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