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An idea for a story that has been stuck in my head · 7:06pm May 4th, 2020

For me it's basically literary junkfood, but what would you all say to the idea of a story about an Evil God being reborn in Equestria?

The premise would be along the lines of 'What is Evil, really?', Who decides what is right and wrong, and how does the kind of thing we humans deal with on a regular basis compare to the paradise of Equestria? What we consider normal, a pony might consider the worst of evils.

Keep in mind that I'm not planning on having it be super grim-dark or full of traumatic scenes. I'm more wanting to focus on the concepts of morality, what would be best for a society in general, and (the fun part for me) the idea of playing a god that isn't the typical 'Ooo, spooky evil man do bad thing' or the popular 'all powerful deity who can snap his fingers to do whatever'.

Much like how I handled the first Necromancy for Foals, he won't start out knowing exactly everything there is to know about his surroundings, himself, or even his own abilities. It's more intinctual than a 'Status Menu' or a 'Character Sheet'.

Let me know what you think down in the comments, and I apologize for taking so long to write each chapter for Necromancy for Foals 2. I've been having a lot of writers block when it comes to that novel, and this idea has been stuck in my head for all of April.

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I find it could be interesting

Well, I'd be interested in seeing it to be sure. I mean, the ponies would be horrified by how much and how often we kill each other, and we'd be horrified that they're so nonchalant about Cadance using her love magic to mess with ponies' heads/hearts. Much less Luna's dream walking. Good luck with it Queenie!

I like the idea.

I'd definitely be interested in seeing a story like that. Exploring the concepts of morality is always a fun subject.

Sounds like it could be interesting :moustache:

yes, with a side of mash potatoes

that a interesting thing to explore since a lot of things that are considered good in equestria can be seen as evil, such as throwing people into Tartarus and forgotten, with no apparent plan to ever let them out, no one guarding you just left in the dark forever or a spell that can forcefully reform you,
ponies would also perceive humans eating meat and the entire livestock industry as pure evil

so i would be interested to see a fic from you tackling morality and how different pov change what good and evil

Do it!

I'd like this, but I wouldn't mind seeing a female Evil Goddess instead of male. It feels like a majority of these stories have a male lead and... I just would really like a female lead. Ya know?

sooooo.....the devil is a part timer....but with ponies?

I'm down for it, sounds like a good read

Sounds good, I'll read

Bone kind of IS an evil god though, he faces all the same sorts of issues. There might be a story in there somewhere but the issues would be better explored in the great story you already have!


Yeah, that's true. The issue is that I didn't really want to turn the story that direction... though I'm not sure if it was out of 'Oh it wouldn't fit' or whatnot.

I dunno. Now I'm thinking differently. I wrote the first Necromancy for Foals just for fun, allowing the plot to develop on it's own naturally. Maybe the mistake I've made with the second Necromancy for Foals is that I've been writing it not for fun, but because it was expected?

Welcome to the life of a successful artist. There’s no wrong answer here though.

seems like a good idea for a story imo


10 out of 10.
A must read. -IGN.

Without having seen anything or heard any real specifics of the plot, I can't really say whether it's something I'd like to read or not. Ethics and morality are treacherous grounds to tread, and I can't help but imagine that eventually you'll open yourself up to thorny arguments.

That said, I'd probably be willing to give at least a few chapters a read, and if writing it helps you get through your writer's block then I'd say to go for it. You can't be a word-beast if you don't word at people, after all.


I've been stuck in a swamp of writer's block for months now.

Yeah, it happens. That's why I said that if you've got an idea that you makes you feel like you can coax words into a story, you should do it. Writing can be like a muscle, and disuse can really hurt your ability. So even if you start small, that's okay so long as you still have the desire to plink away at it.

And besides, it's an idea you're passionate about, which is always going to trump what we're interested in. After all, we don't live in your head. (I'm pretty sure we don't, at least. Bit roomy in here, otherwise.)

I'm sold, you make good stories so hell yeah.

That sounds like a good idea

when you get writer's block my advice is to read a few good fics here or some cool well made movie, sitting in front of the story rereading it with some cool music may help too. and about the new story, sure man, go for it, I would love to see more of the necromancer because he is in a really good position to contrast the naive of the new era ponies to his hardened experience in paralleled with a juicy troubled mind from the sunbutt.
Back to the new story , you reminded me of a short story in which a human got displaced and the ponies found out he was wearing socks which somehow was illegal and taboo, pure evil, everyone would flip out over his normal ass socks, cant remember the title since I read it a few years back but it was quite funny. If by any chance you haven't read https://www.fimfiction.net/story/454606/skeletor-master-of-the-empire
I recommend it for the middle of the story bunch of carefully lazered misunderstandings going left and right while at the same time touching very lightly on gray moral areas.

Sounds like a really interesting premise

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