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What runs through the crazed head of Lyra? What makes her tick and is she really as insane as everypony seems to think?

These are the musings of Lyra, may you judge her lightly.

This is a side story to Jumper

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so this is now the second "insert a human into Equestria" fic that I've actually enjoyed. congratulations.

1169711 I'm guessing that the first was Memoirs which is the... well technically it's the grandfather story to this since Jumper is the father story to Lyra's Diary... Does that make Lyra and AJ's diaries related?

actually no, I've never read Memoirs. I was actually referring to FiddlesticksThePony's "A Helping Hand" story. though it's possible the two diaries are related

1169824 I'll have to take a look at that sometime

My interpretation of Angel Bunny

He does give off that vibe, does he not? :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

a-whoops, forgot to post this. This should be my last Jumper related post for awhile

That's EVERYONE's interpretation of Angel. Either he IS the KR or he's related.

Heck, just about every HiE fic that he shows up in, the comparison is made.

Yea, Applejack and Rarity may have some choice words for Lyra in the future.:ajbemused:
That chapter of Jumper was hilarious.:rainbowlaugh:

1834211 When the muse hits things just happen

Lyra is falling in love with Matt! What about Alex's herd?

2127360 What have Matt seduce Dash? I remember that entry you gave me in my idea file for it.

I love your Lura. Crazy but sweet.

... thin tailed brat ...

Best. Insult. Ever!

5614339 It just came to me. For some reason I feel like the tail would be worse to have go bald.

This never happened! Although... I atleast want a human, if I can't be one. And this is not what my diary looks like!

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