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What runs through the crazed head of Lyra? What makes her tick and is she really as insane as everypony seems to think?

These are the musings of Lyra, may you judge her lightly.

This is a side story to Jumper

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A crossover with Memoirs of a reality jumper, while Alex has experienced mostly realities in the fantasy genre Mathew Brennan has experienced almost two years of future and science fiction realities.

Matt has been jumping for just over two years when he encounters another human that has been jumping realities for over sixty years. What will he learn from this veteran jumper and will he survive to put it to use in Equestria?

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Luna and Celestia share a meal at the end and beginning of their days, but Luna has other plans

Endorsed by Twilight's Library... And no one ever told me, oh well

Cover art is care of Lamia, go support her work on her Deviant Art account, commission an image, because she's worth it

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Maple Leaf is a pegasus who leaves his home in the clouds to find his cutie mark.
Angelic Note is a shy unicorn with an angelic voice who hasn't yet learned how to use magic and is bullied by her schoolmates.
Seam Stress is a high strung perfectionist earth pony with a flair for fashion.
This is the story of how these three ponies began a friendship that would last their entire lives.

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