• Published 17th Jul 2012
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Jumper - KMCA

Crossover with Memoirs of a Reality Jumper

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“What, have you come to finish me off? How generous, Rarity would be proud.” I could feel a tingling in my leg, the medical nanos were doing their best to get me back on my feet, the question was would they be able to heal the damage fast enough.

I didn’t like the look in his eyes, I couldn’t be sure but it looked like he was trying to look at the gap in my armor on my back at the shoulder blade. I had lost that armor plate in combat, the repair nanotech had actually consumed what was left of it for raw materials. I could instruct them to make a new one but it was a time consuming process and I had no clue how I was going to get the diamond and raw titanium to build it from.

For now it left a gap big enough to drive a very large knife into.

“What? No! You have a timber sucker trying to chew it’s way into your back. If those things get their teeth into you for long enough they start turning you into wood. You don’t think Timberwolves are born, do you?” I couldn’t tell if he was a good actor or genuinely concerned for my well being, I voted to go for the former to be safe. My bodysuit was a layer of armor unto itself, I mean seriously we’re talking about something that’s designed to stop large caliber handguns and rifles.

“Oh sure, let me just turn my back and let you plunge a knife into it. I mean it’s not like you’ve considered killing me before and look, there’s a convenient place to dispose of the body!” I gestured towards the Everfree forest.

He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by a pony somehow managing to sneak up on us.

"I don’t mean to interrupt but Applejack told me that Matthew Brennan looked hurt and that I should try and find him. You’re Matthew Brennan, right? If you’re not I’m really sorry and I’ll go away.” I noticed that she also looked into my visor but unlike Applejack and Bon-Bon her eyes didn’t seem to find mine but rather seemed to slide around the visor like she was being distracted by something.

“Fluttershy, hi. I’d love to chat but me and Alex here are kind of getting to know each other right now, it’s not quite safe for ponies.” She looked over at Alex and then at the knife in his hand, it earned him a hard stare, it wasn’t her famed one but it certainly conveyed a sense of dislike and a distinct lack of compassion.

She stood over me and spread her wings, even without having the show to give me a rough guide as to pony body language this one was obvious, if he wanted me he would have to go through her first.

Alex didn’t budge so she took the direct approach. Using her muzzle shoved him away from me she kept nudging him back until he was a dozen feet away from me.

“I don’t care if you want to help him Fluttershy, he could kill you in a heartbeat and I won’t let you throw your life away like that.” Alex wasn’t even trying to be quiet about his hatred for me, what I did to deserve it I don’t know but he seemed pretty committed to my suffering and eventual death.

“Alex Roberts! I’m already upset with you for killing that mommy Popping Cat, don’t make things worse by trying to stop me from helping a creature in need!” She looked ready to feed him to the wolves if he said another word, assertive Fluttershy is scary Fluttershy... What the hell is a popping cat?

“Oh, sure. The almost completely unarmed man that CAN’T EVEN STAND is such a threat, it’s not like I’m in any shape to fight or have the will or ability to fight anyone, anypony or anything.” That was mostly true, I almost wouldn’t mind killing him right now. I had to keep my cool, as long as I did I would be just fine.

Fluttershy glared at Alex with all the assertiveness she could muster, “Now either help me treat his wound or go away Alex Roberts.” Alex just stared, probably trying to decide which was the lesser evil, the dagger in his hand seemed to ripple and flow as if it too was uncertain as to what it wanted to do.

There was an awkward silence while Alex and Fluttershy eyeballed each other. This went on for three or four seconds until Alex finally broke. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, “Damn it Flutters, you know I’ll always try to do the decent thing. I may not trust this punk, but I will protect him.”

“I’ll thank you to call me Fluttershy.”

“Sorry, Fluttershy.” He reached into a small pack on his waist and pulled out two clear glass bottles. The larger one had a bluish liquid, the small one had a thick bright green goop. My sensors flashed a warning of unknown form of biotech in the green paste.

“Zecora formulated these for me just for this kind of emergency. He drinks to blue, it’s a general pain killer and upper. The buzz will last for about two hours and the pain killing will work for about twelve. The green ointment is a disinfectant and a topical antibiotic. It will hurt like hell, even with the blue buzz. I’m willing to give this to him, he needs them more than I do, and I’ll do whatever you ask.” Alex looked sad for a moment, “I hope this can be the first step in fixing our friendship, and maybe Matt and I can settle our differences.”

“Now, help me turn him over to I can get a proper-”

I interrupted Fluttershy, leveling my gaze at Alex, “I would prefer him to stay far away from me.”

Alex backed away, hands up to show he was capitulating.

Fluttershy sighed, then pulled at my leg with the bottom of her hoof, trying to get a better look at my leg injury hidden behind my armor causing me to jump. Unfortunately she somehow held on, the additional strain opened the wound even wider. My mouth opened up in a silent scream of pain, perfectly hidden by my helmet. I fought through it knowing that the nanotech was probably too busy healing to act as a pain suppressant.

“Oh my, all this blood. Matthew how did this happen, what did this to you? We need to get you taken care of right away, what’s this small gray streak? It looks really unhealthy.” Fluttershy rubs my exposed shoulder for a second like she’s brushing off some dirt. Had Alex been telling the truth? Nah, Fluttershy would have said something if there had been a giant something trying to turn me into a tree.

“Fluttershy, don’t touch that gray stuff. That’s a kind of…” How did one describe nano machines to a pony that probably doesn’t even understand the concept of advanced technology? That’s it, magic!

“It’s like a healing spell, millions of little creatures trying to make me better. The problem is that I keep pushing myself too hard and they can’t keep up with healing me. They’re designed to only work on me but they’re really easy to break and once they’re gone I can’t replace them.”

“Oh my, what do they look like, are they adorable? Not that all animals aren’t cute in their own ways but I’ve never seen animals so small before!” I had to chuckle at her enthusiasm for new creatures, even if they were actually machines.

“Here, let me take the armor off so you can actually take a look at it rather than just the blood.” I blinked my way through the armor release menus for my leg armor, it was a pain to release one specific section so I decided to release the entire left leg armor system, that way the shock absorption system would release as well.

I could feel the boot portion and several smaller plates loosen for removal but the fine seam at the back of the calf plate jammed, the bottom was closed tight but the top opened cleanly. Cursing the sloppy nano-repair job and without thinking I deployed the blade in my knuckle plate to pry apart the two sides.

“Fluttershy!” I could hear Alex calling out in a panic, as my threat alarm went off. I didn’t even think, I just grabbed Fluttershy and with the element of surprise pulled her off her hooves before rolling on top of her, eliciting a squeak from her I covered her in a human shield. Unfortunately this meant that I was presenting my armorless shoulder to Alex. The threat detection system predicted the trajectory of the threat, my back would take the hit. Something didn’t add up, Alex was obviously the threat, after stupidly deploying the blade on my knuckle plate without warning he was obviously throwing that stupid knife at me, so why was the threat alarm giving me 2 alerts?