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Sequel to Judge Luna!
Princess Celestia allows a radio show to broadcast court cases from the Noon Day Court. At the same time, her baliff Noble Cause has... caught her eye. Dusting off one's courting skills and ruling a nation with a gentle hoof at the same time certainly won't be easy.

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So does Bio-Mare have to come change the cabinet that Game Mash owns?

I hope that Bio-Mare at least had the decency to release a free patch that put a longer and more elaborate ending sequence that made the difference in outcome plainer and easier to understand. Maybe each different ending having a different narrator?

Yes, I am saying that this is a parable of Mass Effect; I don't think you could have made this any clearer! :raritywink:

4642071 Change to what? All Celestia decreed was that they should drop the Multiple Endings advertising. Also I imagine Celestia is equivalent of the Supreme Court (just an example), I find it quite amusing she'd bother with this kind of stuff.

And the one he owns says that. I'm asking if they have to come change what it says on the one he owns.

Seems like Celestia is fairer when it comes to her judging.

4642071 No, I assume it would be good under the grandfather clause, and the fact that it's his machine now. It isn't a recall.

4642169 Release a patch? This is talking about arcade machines, not a regular gaming console, "patches" are literally impossible to release for them, the machine itself must be opened and reprogrammed for anything but the high-score to change in any due amount. just so you know. :derpytongue2:

Depends on the hardware; provide a new ROM board with the new cut-scenes maybe?

This is great! :pinkiehappy:

Looking forward to more. :pinkiesmile:

Banish Bioware to the moon.That should fix your problems.Stupid Mass Effect endings.

Tune in next time when Celestia forbids gaming companies from using her likeness in games!

4651230 Or at least gets them to ask permission first! :rainbowlaugh:

4642409 She does seem a bit less... emotional than Luna, since almost all Luna's cases involved her getting fired up. Of course, this is a case about video games; there's less to get worked up about than in Luna's welfare fraud, assault, bigotry (homophobia), bigotry (classism), and bigotry (sexism).

“Yes I did. No use letting it sit in the corner while I wait for my court date.”

needs to be on a separate line.

Ks ... so far so good. I'm going to upvote and fav so I can see if we get any Steel Wing or other interesting action.


Stupid Bioware, releasing the first and second games on Steam, then neglecting to release the third...

other bills were taken care off.

An extra 'f' in "of" there, mate.
~Dash The Stampede

Aww, Light Heart sounds cute, and her stallions clearly love her, so adorable.:twilightsmile:

What was the game's title?

Seriously, I'm interested to know.

A tad low profile for a royal court surely? In England it would never get beyond a circuit judge, let alone a high court judge, and god forbid it reach the ears of the ultimate authority.

4688027 It really didn't have one, it's a parody of the Mass Effect debocle.

4688051 Yes, but this is the land of magic talking ponies, and I thought introducing Celestia to Kiss-a-Grams would be funny. In the first story, Luna's ultimate judgement of 5000 bits in one pony's favor would've been the highest punishment of a small claims court in the USA. It's not so much a matter of scale as it is a matter of what I thought might be interesting. (Or proximity, geographically, on which court they might attend with their woes.)


All fair in Love and Ponies I suppose. :pinkiesmile:
All really very funny, I'm just a gin swilling nitpicker.

Wow Celestia might be a lot more even handed and Luna was then Think was that right then.

ok this needs to be said, bio-ware wasn't responsible in total for the horrible multiple endings thing that i believe is the one your refrencing. that was do to electronic arts forcing some of there 'talented' writers into bio-ware's normally outstanding staff.

Woo-hoo! Kissy-kiss!

Where Luna was Judge Judy, Celestia is more Judge Alex.

Hmm...it seems Celestia's approach to this is by the letter or spirit of the law but with giving her calm opinion more freely. So the law is upheld, but her opinion could cause a law that was unfair to be changed, resulting in a possible later review of the case. I like.

Ah, the side story begins to emerge... :pinkiesmile:

Did anyone else picture Big Business with the voice of Will Ferrell?

I really liked Judge Luna, and I'm liking Judge Celestia, too. I was a bit thrown with the plot change in the former, though; the tags didn't indicate that (which I'm guessing was intentional, but I still feel like I was subject to a bait-and-switch), and I wish we got more cases with Luna, but I still really liked it. Any possibility of Luna and Celestia co-hosting a show and deliberating on judgements or something?

In regards to this actual chapter, I do have a couple questions. First, why was there inly 19 stallions? I'm surprised that never came up. Second, couldn't Big Business be considered to have bargained in bad faith? While Light Heart was given a chance to review the contract, he did that knowing she'd likely overlook it. Still, even if that's not the case, this ia being broadcasted. I can't imagine his reputation isn't going to take a hit from this.

Least it wasn't an Orgy-a-Gram.

At one part you used "suite" instead of "suit".

I retired from the Equestrian Guard when I started getting too old for it and build a company based around investment and buying up smaller companies.


Hahahaha! Poor Noble Cause. Celestia's oblivious to her own mixed signals.


I'm certainly not! :heart: whatta MARE! *swoon!*


Uh-huh! Well my poor little guard pony, just know that she might need an "expert" to help her "connect to her modern ponies". I think I have a bottle of 150 yr. Minotaur Wine somewhere [and fyi. Minotaurs measure liquor by percentage rather than proof.].

But I agree she's quite the mare. And good job on landing that Kiss-o-Gram.

Bad move Big Business. You could have saved not only your reputation but your bottom-line, but no, you had to look at the short term. Now not only are ponies going to be wary of any potential changes you might try to slip in, they might not deal with you in the least or even boycott.

I think there'd normally be some sort of penalties for delaying payment for so long, even if it wasn't specifically addressed in the contract. Otherwise any company could arbitrarily wait a year to pay its bills.

Yay! An update! :pinkiehappy:

Continue, good sir, this is tons of fun to read! Do you have as much fun writing it as I do reading it? :pinkiehappy:

And does Noble Cause perhaps have a crush on the Princess? :trixieshiftright:

Eeeeeee so cute! :yay: Ahem, I mean, :moustache: delightful story, keep up the good work.

Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

I thought for sure it was going to be rainbow pinkie and discord

Ten years.

Five Years parole!?


Okay, that was a pretty fun case! And the out-of-courtroom action is certainly more enjoyable this time around.


Celestia' sense of humor is abhorrent.

4801165 Called a multitude of laws being broken by faking the whole case.

That was an interesting case... :rainbowhuh:


Down here that would be a massive fine for the combination of those, with 0-3 years at the MOST, which is why it's..surprising to say the least.

Loved it. Celestia doesn't put up with bullshit!

I found something you may want to edit. At one point, you wrote and twice in a row.

“We prank ponies, record the reactions to the letter, and then sell the stories to magazines and and in books!” said the second.

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