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There are many different forms of you. Whether they be from different dimensions, time periods or worlds. Sometimes you may not like the other you, or maybe it`s the real you that you can't face. Twilight is no exception. Two ponies who are the same can be worlds apart. A tiny change may change your very being. Is knowing this other you a gift or a curse?

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Well despite the overused cliche belief "Twilight is immortal because she's an alicorn." this is really good. :eeyup:

Time... it`s nothing, but a word. The future, now that`s something that everypony cares about. They dream about it and put effort into making it better. They say time flies when you`re having fun. If that`s the case then why do ponies still think that the future is so far away?

Technically speaking, the past is so close to the present and the future is merely seconds away, so by that logic, shouldn`t everypony just live in the moment? Why dwell on past mistakes and future promises? Why... well that`s up to the mind to figure out.

So many ponies plan the future, but the future is always. It can be a year from now or even a nanosecond away. The future is unpredictable, it can`t simply be planned. Everything can change in an instant. Dreams can be crushed, hearts can be broken and hopes can be shattered. Why is the future considered to be so spectacular when it also comes with pain?

The future can change a pony. You could grow up and become the opposite of what you expected. The plans you put work into can fade away into nothingness. Time does that to ponies.

Nopony expects that the future won`t be what you planned. They choose to focus on their goals and are oblivious to the life around them and the cruel world that they live in. The future is never what you expect it to be... it`s much worse.

You should be a professional writer if you can came write something like that. It has the potential to become a quote for the ages alongside such lines like "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." and "You can't change the past. Only the future."

Oh god, twilight as an alicorn is taller by a few inches...interesting

dang...the feelings in this are deep; even though I do not believe Twilight (or cadence) are immortal.

And hence Twilight screwed herself as if she had not returned to the past, she would have had a much better future. She did not learn the lesson of "It's About Time."

2722954 2723156 Well, in my story To Love... And To Lose I make it so that Twilight isn`t immortal. I don`t think that Twilight would be immortal, but I need to use that in order for this story to work. Thank you for enjoying my story!!!

2723413 I`m not really sure how the whole changing the future thing works. Does she become a different pony? I don`t really know. I just love the idea of this story.

2722957 Yeah. Cadence is only a little taller than Twilight so I assumed that it would be that way with Twilight.


Ah but you can change the past, remember 1984?

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