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Twilight's Cuckoo Clock stopped working, so she took it to Time Turner to have it fixed. It turns out to be an ancient artifact covered with seals and filled with mechanical impossibilities. What secrets is the library's Cuckoo Clock holding? ((NOT a Dr. Whooves Story))

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...Oh my a very brave thing you are doing here

Wh not just ask Luna about the clock? :)

Good start anyhow.

A very interesting start for the story, I look forward to seeing where you take this

((NOT a Dr. Whooves Story))

What a brave, brave man you are... I shall read as soon as I get home! Arrivederci! (With a real comment to replace this one. <.<)

Time Turner, not Dr. Whooves...

Thank you. Thank you so much. Will definitely read.

Ohh, interesting.
And I agree with Flare up there, why not ask Luna about it? If it was for her she might be able to shed some light on it. Or maybe that'll happen later, who knows.

This is... fascinating. I've always had a thing for clockwork mechanisms and clocks in general, but this has re-ignited my interest in SPADES! wow...

And it's only part one... *happy squee*

Very interesting start. What wonders does this clock hold, I must know, you have my attention and I eagerly await the next chapter.

Ah, a nice new story. :pinkiehappy:

Interesting start. Starswirl was the tutor of Clover the Clever and a pony of the Classical Era, long before Luna's fall to become Nightmare Moon. That means that clock may be a magical artefact that is several millennia old. It also suggests a relationship between him and Luna.

I'm genuinely surprised that Twilight is allowing Time Turner to touch this thing because it's so precious. I suppose it's a sign of how competent he seems that she isn't trying to layer it in thousands of protective spells. After all, if there is anypony this belongs to, it is the Princess of the Moon.

My guess? In the end, it's just a clock but a clock that gives an insight of just how far technomancy had progressed before the disasters of the sundering between the three races of ponykind and the subsequent environmental disaster that drove them out of The Paradise Estate.

This is Twilight Sparkle we're talking about here; she's probably thinking it's one of Celstia's interminable 'tests' that she has to solve on her own for fear of being given an 'F'.

It seems...mysterious. I like it!

Well I'm interested.

Any interesting story, it must be by one of the authors I follow... (ah, retrospective)

No really, I decided to read this while looking at the front page before I checked my feed updates... :pinkiehappy:


Interesting clock there, I hope he doesn't break the spell by cleaning it. I'm betting the clock itself operates on some kind of obscure magic, not ordinary mechanical means.

(NOT a Dr. Whooves Story))

Instant watch. So sick of authors insisting on stuffing Dr. Who crossovers in stories that aren't even about him.

Just wait until Time Turner finds the Flux Capacitor secreted in the clock.

Did the clock come with Twilight from Canterlot, or was it already there in the Library? if the latter, it would make sense due to breadcrumb clues in-show that the library predates Ponyville. I honestly think the Library was Starswirl's home and laboratory since it's location would have been isolated but still a comfortable travel distance between the Castle of the Pony sisters and Canterlot Keep (Now a Palace)

NOT a Dr. Whooves Story

Upvote just for that.

((NOT a Dr. Whooves Story))

But don't time lords like myself like Dr. Whooves Stories? :fluttercry:

Fascinating start.

Going against popular fanon...2edgy4me

I always follow Time Turner stories, they are usually quite intriging.

Comment posted by FreedomFiend deleted Oct 4th, 2013

ahh can you name a few good ones i love time turner adventures

First off, I just have to say that I'm happy that not all stories on here about Time Turner are Doctor Who related. Not that I'm saying that I hate it; in fact, it's a pretty decent show, but after a while of hearing about this pony in the context of the show, it gets a bit old, so I'm happy that I found at least one story that isn't connected to the it.

Anyway, dealing with the story now, I found it quite original and interesting. I can see that this story will be going at a long length until it's half way through, and don't get me started on how long and intricate it would be when it was done. It will probably go into the back story behind the cuckoo clock (obviously), and maybe a little about the princess's past too. That, I'm really interested to read about.

There is one complaint that I have; the relationship in this is a bit too fast. I mean, it should play out slowly until it gets to the climax where they both realize their affection towards each other. Though, that's just me, but it would be a tad more better (to me) if you did that. Otherwise, you have earned by favorite and like.

~Tempered Steel

Comment posted by Spirit Shift deleted Oct 4th, 2013

3301435 I have to agree as well. As much as I love Doctor Who and Doctor Who crossovers, it gets a touch tiresome when EVERY story involving Doctor Whooves has him as The Doctor

3301526 have you guys ever read the sapia tock stories?

This looks very promising, I'm definitely going to keep an eye on it. :pinkiesmile:

Could use a bit of editing, mostly to get rid of redundancies and improve flow. Still, nothing big. Looking forward to the next chapter.

“Let me guess, it’s stopped ticking and tocking, right?”

Next time someone brings a clock into my shop to be worked on, I'm using that line.

There was a spot on one of the gears on the the secondary shaft of the minute hand coil. The clock pony leaned with a frown. Bronze didn’t tarnish like th

the the, doesn't tarnish.

Also: "secondary shaft of the minute hand coil" makes my brain hurt.

Looking at the title for the first time, I thought this would be a "Clockwork Orange" crossover

this...this shows promise. seriously, it's pretty original and seems to be pretty well thought out. it suffers from the occasional hiccups every now and then, but, so far, it isn't something that takes too much out of the story's flow. i'll be keeping my eyes on this.

OOOoooo! A NOT-A-DOCTOR story. Its always good to see Time Turner/ Dr. Whooves in different ways. Gonna fav ya.

I believe one of the first fics to have the pony we call the Doctor as somepony other than the Doctor. It is also one of the few fics to have Colgate as somepony other than a dentist: Sepia Tock: Adventures of the Ponyville Clockmaker

*Clap clap clap clap x9* great story so far Aegis shield can't wait for the next chapter.

:pinkiecrazy:I can't wait to see how they slowly break the fabric of the universe.
:rainbowhuh:What do you mean that can't happen? There's quite obviously something dangerous about that clock.
:ajbemused:Well the fact it predates Nightmare Moon is one thing, and the need of something called a sealing circle makes it very suspicious.
:twilightangry2:I don't care if it was a present, that thing is going to kill us somehow, and a nosy somepony is most definitely to blame.

3301424 the only other one I've found in a while is The Temporal Manipulations of a Victorious Timkeeper It's different from this but I like it

Well now....:trixieshiftright:
I am interest.

I'm interested in what the clock might say about Star Swirl and Luna. For all we can tell at the moment, Luna's 'present' might just have been an alicorn-strength preservation spell on something incredibly delicate that Star Swirl built and bemoaned the inevitable breakdown of. Perhaps recent in-show events have degraded or disrupted the spell, leading to the clock rapidly succumbing to millennia of dust bunnies (or even just the ones that can build up in a library over a year or two). It's not too unrealistic to speculate, for example, that the appearance of Nightmare Moon in Ponyville could have blown the fuse on any minor Luna-flavored spell in the vicinity. Accidentally, or even on purpose, if NMM had wanted to pop the breakers on anything capable of reacting to the presence of Princess Luna.

As for all the Time Turner vs Doctor Whooves commentary in the comments - tch. Good writing is good writing no matter what the take on a given character may be. One version is not inherently better than another - in the end, it's the quality of the story which matters.

I don't mind there being a few less crossovers of him.

Maybe a lot less.

Well, well, well. It's refreshing to see that someone is sticking to a more canonical take on Time Turner and not with his fandom/crossover identity, so two thumps for being daring and aiming to be original. I'll looking forward to giving this a read later on today.


Well, besides being no Dr. Whooves, I like this story.

Have a like!

This is a story I have to read.

I'll be honest, I literally only read this because it was about Time Turner and you mentioned specifically that it wasn't Dr. Hooves. I've been getting real sick of Dr. Who shoehorning itself into the fandom at every turn...

And then I read it and find that it's the start of what seems like a pretty good story! Looking forward to more!

good story so far

and godamn its like a porno for uh clockofiliacs?


I'll be honest, I literally only read this because it was about Time Turner and you mentioned specifically that it wasn't Dr. Hooves. I've been getting real sick of Dr. Who shoehorning itself into the fandom at every turn...

I couldn't agree more with this if I tried.

Eeee~ This story has potential. Do like. :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:

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