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This story is a sequel to Earth & Sky

Set three years after the founding of Harmony Aeronautics and the Grand Pegathalon.

The best and brightest (or at least flashiest) minds in Equestria are at it again. An accidental combination of Harmony Aeronautics and Lulamoon Studios' latest magical technologies leads to Twilight finding a new way of looking at the world. What will be revealed by her new found perspective, and how will it shake things up in Los Pegasus?

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And so the future rolls on...

Wait, a sequel? To Earth & Sky?


Wasn't expecting this!

What nice way to start work...

~Skeeter The Lurker

Good god I can already tell that this is going to be amazing.
By the way I don't know why but Trixie being a director?filmmaker just makes perfect since.

A sequel to my favorite story on the site? YES PLEASE:pinkiehappy:

I am so happy to see this!

4718159 My thoughts exactly!

LIFE IS GOOD! :rainbowkiss:

A resounding HUZZAH! to a sequel!

And off to a grand - and hilarious - start! This is gonna be GOOD.

(Featured already! Nice!)

Huzzah! A sequel to my all-time favorite fan fiction!! Any idea how long this one will be?

An intriguing start to an unexpected but welcome sequel! I enjoyed the comic-book origins here, from daring test pilots to scientific experiments that explode with unexpected results.

I'm curious to see what Trixie's patent-pending lens did to Twilight's eye... The cover art suggests something rather permanent and bizarre.

Comment posted by Harwick deleted Jul 19th, 2014

Do I sense a space program?


I'm gonna bet magic sight, any takers? AS in the ability to see raw magic, not just magical sight... :coolphoto:

Well, that was an...explosive way to start things.:twilightoops:

Voting for:

The burst of Rainboom magic directly into her brain is jumpstarting her transformation into alicorn in this universe.

My thoughts exactly!

Looking forward to this. This setting is probably the only one where I don't mind the het ships, as they were written *believably* enough. (Still don't hold a candle to others, but not everything is perfect! :rainbowkiss: ).

Looking forward to this, and seeing what has happened with AJ. :ajsmug:

All of my yes. All of my yes. All of my yes, to you.

A sequel to Earth & Sky? It's like Christmas in July.

Oh lordy, Pip, don't propose now! It's like going out on a dangerous job the day before retirement!

Rainbow injected experimental jets, what could possibly go wrong? :rainbowdetermined2:

Hmn, that ending. Brings to mind the badass art you see of characters with one regular and one magical eye (and a closer look at the cover art seems to reveal exactly that).

Trust Twilight to invent space flight while trying to go forward.


Pip as Chuck Bronson Yaeger?

Showmare vs Carnys?

Ultimate purity three colour recording technology?

Pity Derpy couldnt work on the formulation for that dragon fire powder, then you could have Marein Baker ejection systems.

And, I apologise for not being in any fit state, condition, location, or association to be of any use.Cos I make a mean janitor.

(Einstein:Why isnt this formula working. Janitor:Everythings squared away sir, squared away.) :facehoof:

This is going to be completly and utterly hilarious. :rainbowwild:

Long enough to get to the ending. :raritywink:

Earth & Sky sequel?

*explodes. Twice*

And Pip still has no sense of timing or self-preservation.

Woooohoooo!!!!! While not quite the sequel I was expecting, it's even better. Thank you (x) a million

well, the Flim Flam Brothers have gone from Criminals to Bonafide Rocket Scientists! I predict that Twilight and the Brothers will slowly realize the Potential Power and potential uses of the Destiny Drive, and Lulamoon Studios will be there Recording it all for Future Generations!

I'm loving the pulpy aerospace-and-moviemaking goodness in this story. Very 1930s, in a good way!

YES! More diesel-punk ponies to read about!

And yes, Pip, you still need to work on your timing. At least they got to do a test run of the retrieval system...

Ooh, a new sequel! =3

So, dragonfire teleprot cancels inertia?

This can only end well!

Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

A sequel to Earth and Sky?

Aah. 'S like seeing an old friend again...

Yes, because:

A: Inertia schminertia. It's magic. :twilightsmile:
B: He's moving at sonic rainboom speeds and is suddenly in a cramped concrete bunker. I don't now and never will be using the gore tag in my stories. :twilightoops:

I've been looking forward to the continuation of this universe for SOOOO long! Today is a happy day.

It happened! The sequel is here!


Let's go!

So excited to see that there is a sequel!

OMG a sequel :pinkiehappy:

Like :rainbowkiss:

Fav :raritystarry:

Ugh. That start is completely unreadable if you don't have a White/Light background.

I've been trying to read this ALL DAY. I am very very happy to be waiting for the next chapter with everyone else. I do have to wonder if Trixie will end up with one of the brothers. I really do think they would make an amazing match, lol. Hopefully Twilight's injury is temporary, but at least she used valuable Pinkie logic to prepare for just such an emergency. :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

A sequel to a great story, sold! :twilightsmile:

Great start, looking forward to more of this.

I can honestly say I flew to my computer when this email popped up.

Really liked this chapter, deep enough to be in depth, curt enough to not reveal too much, curious to see what your universe interprets outta season 4.

Hooray! Harmony Aeronautics is back and it looks like they're experimenting with the Flim-Flams' bipropellent rockets! Looks like they may need just a little tweak or two to make them fully reliable... Or even slightly reliable... :twilightsheepish: The baseline design obvously needs some work (including spoilers to keep it on the ground).

I loved all the characterisation and humour. Pip is clearly still a hopeless romantic with cotton-wool in his brains and Twilight does seem to be learning that Pinkie is smarter than most ponies realise.

So... On what adventure will Trixie's inventiveness and Twilight's genius take us? I can't wait to find out!

Good lord, a sequel to Earth and Sky?? I'm in o.o

4718848 IIRC Warren has gone on record that he didn't like Twilight transforming and becoming a princess. Of course that was before season 4 aired. So there's a chance her portrayal in that was good enough to win him over. But you'd have to ask him.

4718100 indeed. Her talent is showbiz

4720647 i like to ask random things but heres one

If the drug wars happen in the mlp world you made where the humans bring there drugs to sale what you think well happen?

Sorry, not interested in that topic. :trixieshiftright::twilightsmile::duck:

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