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Twilight sure has come a long, long way. But what about The Great and Powerful Trixie? Doesn't she matter anymore? Trixie sure thinks so.

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Huh... This looks very interesting. I will be keeping my eye on it.

Isn't there a comic about something like this?

Cake is delicious.

Looks good.... Will be waiting for what else is to come...

Thanks for all the positive feedback everypony! Chapter two should be out later today-ish.

Yeah, that's where I got the cover image from. But obviously, that doesn't tell the whole story leading up to that.

No duh, Captain Obvious.

Well that was rude of Celestia. Just throw your old student to the side like a broken toy, why don't you?


Yep. While I'm not going to paint her as a total asshole, I did want her to start neglecting Trixie a bit more for Twilight, simply because, well, Twilight is already a much better student than Trixie. Additionally, IIRC I put in a line about her thought process behind the whole thing--force a slice of humble pie down Trixie's throat.


Mmyes, because that always works so well. *cough*mare do well*cough*


That episode suffers from the others not taking the right approach with Rainbow Dash. If they had just talked to her about her bragging, then she might have been more receptive. Additioanlly, with the others bragging about their roles as Mare do Well, and Fluttershy doing that flyby after Twilight fixed the dam, they also come across as even more assholes than Rainbow Dash ever was.

Trixie, on the other hoof, is just an egotistical douche and she probably wouldn't be able to confront the fact that she's just going to have to deal with Twilight. Therefore, I decided Celestia standing back and just letting Twilight take a stab at things would be more appropriate for the character.

Don't worry, if you really want to know, it should all work out fairly well in the end.

I know, its just one of those episodes i have an issue with.

anyway, glad to hear it works out in the end.


Believe me, I hate that episode too. ^^


I do enjoy reading fics about the aftermath of that episode, though there arent a whole lot of them. makes me sad to see such an opportunity wasted. :fluttercry:

You know, I hope Trixie gets a happy ending, because it seems like Celestia is showing favouritism towards Twilight.

I don't suppose there will be a chapter of significant length anytime soon? I love the premise, but these chapters are too short for my liking.
I don't expect you to churn out a 12,000 word epic, but something like.......3,000 word chapter? That would allow for much more world-building, which this story desperately needs considering the "alternate universe" tag.


I noted that it's in not much of an AU right there in the description--both "Boast Busters" and "Magic Duel" will factor into it. It's pretty much set in the canonical universe, with the only change warranting the AU tag being Trixie as Celestia's student.
Additionally, the chapters will get longer as the story goes on and more events begin to unfold, but don't expect more than 2,500 to 3,000 words per chapter. I want this to be a nice, quick, easy read.

Mmmmmm....... waffles...... I like me some good waffles! :twilightsheepish:
Oh! Next be Pies! No! Maybe it be Cupcakes! Wait! Will there be Muffins?! Nah..... Need more subsistence..... Hmmmmmm.....
Pizza! Oh no..... I just don't no if I can make that delivery....... Xp

Great.... Now i'm hungry...... This was a delicious Chapter after all...

You know, what Celestia is doing comes off as very jerkish.


That's the point. She wants to teach Trixie a lesson, if you had read my previous comments.

Another reason to like Trixie :trixieshiftright:

Well done
And expectantly waiting for more.


Thanks! If you notice, I update every day. :pinkiehappy:

I almost feel sorry for Trixie...almost.

Also, why would I think the story's over? We haven't even gotten to the "Princess Twilight curbstomps Trixie/Trixie's hauled away for committing treason" part of the story yet. (I could have sworn the synopsis said something about Trixie trying "twice before" to defeat Twilight. I must of confused it with another story...again.)


I didn't want to give the Trixie fans false hope. :twilightblush:

The "twice before" is a reference to "Boast Busters" and "Magic Duel." I decided to make the description a bit more vague anyways so it's a bit less spoiler-y.

Now to post the new chapter...

Celestia is the true bitch here: she is manipulating Twilight into become her favorite tool, and putting Trixie into the same road than Luna long ago, probably in order to shape her into Twilight´s unofficial sparring.


Aww...how'd you guess the rest of my plot? [Actually, not totally, you were a bit off with the "sparring tool" part.]

Yeah, I intended Celestia to be less-than-likable here.

WOW! At the end there it almost seemed like Trixie was not being a bitch to Twilight ... I wonder how long that will last? :trollestia:

I suppose Trixie is now on the long slide to living out of a wagon until it gets crushed.

Celestia is a bitch, once she found out that Twilight was the Element of Magic, she basically said "I'm sorry Trixie, your not special enough, so you have to go,"

Airstream has taught us well

I’m just going to have less free time these days...and something has to go.

>Get's another Princess who'll be able to take half her workload.
>Says she'll be too busy.
(I never realized how much I liked Trixieabuse until now.)

"I won't have as much free time right now. I'm very busy, you know?"
"Princess! A sleeping dragon is threatening to send Equestria into a hundred years of darkness!"
"Yeah yeah, be a dear and get Twilight on that, will ya?" :trollestia:

Dick move Celestia, Dick move. :twilightangry2:

Essentially, Celestia has just done a favor to Trixie: she has given her the opportunity to be free. Twilight now is the one who will be tormented with secret test and sent to fight (ill-prepared) against powerful villains while Celestia relax in her castle and get fat with cakes.:trollestia:


No, she'll still have to do all the work. Remember, she'll get Luna to apologize to her, then lock her in a basement and give her some bread, cheese, and a gaming PC.

You know, after what happened with Trixie, I can just imagine the conversation between Luna and Celestia.

Luna: So let me get this straight, you kept two students to see which one would be the Element of Magic?

Celestia: Correct

Luna: And when you found out which one held the Element, you were going to kick the other one out?

Celestia: Yes

Luna: Then you were panning to have that pony become an Alicorn?

Celestia: Yes, what are you getting at?

Luna: Don't you think that the other pony will go out for revenge when they find out that you are only keeping the most powerful of the two

Celestia: Of course not Luna, my plan is flawless

After Trixie barges in to the castle, declaring to fight Twilight

Luna: "Gives a smile at Celestia that says "I told you""

Celestia: Don't say a word Luna


Uh...can I use that, perhaps? :pinkiehappy:

Trixie is unlucky when it comes to gambling.:rainbowlaugh:

I'd say that luck isn't usually by her side at all.

2275593 You know, when I first read this, I thought it was a story where we were suppose to hate Trixie. But now I see that we have to feel sorry for her, and I feel sorry for Twilight too.

Just think about it, Trixie was given a chance to become Celestia's student, but was kicked out because of the fact that she is not the Element of Magic, now she lives on the road trying to make a living.

For Twilight, I feel sorry for her because she never asked for any of this, all she wanted was to be friends with Trixie and study, but now because of Celestia, Trixie now hates Twilight.

But for Celestia, all we want to do is to punch her where the sun don't shine, even though she could easily banish us to the sun.


Yeah, I wanted people to be torn between Trixie and Twilight while at the same time hating Celestia. She's so much fun to write for as a well-meaning bitch. :trollestia:

2276385 At least she means well. unlike some antagonists.

I can't wait to see what our two protagonists go through next!
(I also hope that eventually Trixie and Twilight will form a true friendship.)

Hmmmm.... Is it me or Celestia can troll without even try?

That was a short chapter...

Welp. not much to comment on here.

new chapter... more reading.....
The Twilight and Trixie interaction..... I like that.....
tho I must say to ya..... Don't burn yourself out ok?

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