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As Twilight celebrates her first of many centuries to be spent hurtling through time and space, she needs the comfort only a true friend can provide.

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Did Applejack just die? She just bloody died of old age, right in Twilight's arms, didn't she. Now, why in Tartarus would you go and do a silly thing like that, hmm?

That's a bittersweet story but Applejack is right; it's happiness that defines a life well lived. Nopony could doubt that AJ lived a life that was both long and happy. I think that Twilight's life has had its moments too.

Seriously, though, if Twilight is this worried, maybe she should take Applejack's passing as motivation. No more sitting around in Canterlot; find a student and start walking the roads of the world. Learn about the real world and solve real problems rather than listening to those inbred idiots of the Unicorn nobility babble on about their meaningless power-plays. The time has come for her to live.

I think that Twilight would be happier as the Purple Pilgrim, wandering the lands, than she ever would be as another cushion on the throne.

Well written, and the twist at the end was great. And I know that feeling all to well - I get mid-life crisis when I look at the last ten years, and I am 26.

Well... If we go by the assumption that the mane six are the same age:applejackunsure:... Applejack was a 100 year old farm pony. A laborer who kicked trees to harvest apples. That she made it to one hundred was a huge success:ajbemused:... She just passed:ajsleepy:... Looks like Twilight is about to have another freak out session...:twilightoops:


That poor, poor, alicorn mare.

Also, fair point. She was probably the last one, too.


The story hinted at it too..

Twilight offered a steadying hoof to her friend, which the old farmpony readily accepted as the last of the Elements of Harmony made their way inside and up towards the balcony of Twilight’s chambers.

Sort of sad...:raritydespair::ajsleepy::fluttercry::pinkiesad2::rainbowderp:

As far as last words go, those were good ones.


That is all.

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