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It might be the middle of the night, and the royal pastry chef might be sound asleep, but Princess Celestia's sweet tooth sure isn't! If Her Majesty wants some cake, well, first she'll have to bake.

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Very silly, Celly, you never can think straight on an empty stomach!

A testament to the tried-and-true ideals of Wake-N-Make-N-Bake-A-Cake
Wake n bake still sounds less troublesome, and more fun! We can always include cake at a later point. :rainbowlaugh:

Dry ingredients should always be added to the wet in stages. When making frosting, the butter and cream cheese need to be softened first.

Silly Celly, baking 101.

Silly Cally, what're you gonna do next? Put the baker in charge of the court?

You're so silly, Celly. :trollestia:

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