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I write, I draw, and both tend to be a bit grimdark. Hopefully writing ponies will mitigate that somewhat.


Princess Luna has fallen ill, and with suspicions of foul play floating around Canterlot, it's up to the newly-crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle to find the cause! With the stability of Equestria in the balance, will she find what's making the princess so ill? And if the allegations of foul play are true, who could do such a thing?

(A collaboration between myself and Denim_Blue, who is a wonderful author and you should totally check him out.)

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this was excellent! Never suspected {redacted} at all, and those red herrings kept me guessing. another excellent story!


first comment and you throw out the culprit....

my bad, didnt even think, ill fix that

Wow, first comment. You're writing is quite good. It keeps the suspense going. You are having me right at the edge of my seat! :pinkiecrazy:

Thumb and fave for one reason and one reason only... That final reference.
'Pass the salt.' This allusion has been missing from many story's and I got a real jolt of joy seeing it again after quite some time.:twilightsmile:

The batponies were Freaking Awesome!. :pinkiehappy:
I kinda wish there was a followup with them and Twilight going on an adventure :twilightsmile:
Nightshade and Penumbra FTW! :heart:

An excellent story, just one problem I noticed in this final chapter:

Her friends were the first to react. “Fluttershy, are you kiddin’ me?" Applejack all but shouted as the courtroom began to murmur once mor Applejack all but shouted.e, icken coop, an' scared you half to death!”

Part of this paragraph accidentally got deleted, didn't it?

Fixed, and thanks for that. Between two authors trying to fiddle around with it and Google Docs deciding to leave out huge chunks, I felt there was going to be something we missed. :twilightblush:

3169106 Apologies :raritycry:. Have fun still!

Alright, am I the only one hoping for a Penumbra/Nightshade/Twilight slice-of-life wackiness fic?

Seriously, though, that was the best MLP (attempted) murder mystery fic I've read... though I suppose that's kind of a niche genre. What can I say? Everypony felt in character, the mystery was great. The tallow candle thing was a nice touch, I'll definitely get a shiver next time I see on on the show. :pinkiesick:


Um... I don't get the pass the salt reference unfortunately. ^-^; What is it?

*Clappity clap clap!* Another good story! As if you could write anything else. :yay: :heart:

3264988 Pure salt when placed on a wound increases the rate at which a wound will close, however when placed on the wound it has an effect similar to Iodine in which it burns worse than Rubbing alcohol, or a third degree burn, because it cleanses the wound.:twilightsmile:

Well, I finally got around to reading this. I just can't see how I managed to get over 900 stories on my read later list and over 300 unread chapters on my favorites. Fortunately, with this story I've only 600 stories on my read later list, after reaching such a milestone with a story with so little love I decided the least I could do was leave a comment, even thought I don't tend to do so.
I have to say that the story itself makes for an interesting read, I kind of suspected Rarity when I read about the chisel on her scene, seeing it as a Chekhov's Gun and it seems like I was right, though I pictured it was under duress like extortion or blackmail never saw the jealousy bit coming. Definitely worth the time spent reading it, and considering this is the third time I added a story of yours to my favs it seems like a good idea to follow you as well.

Thank fucking Christ, it took me about 3 months to find this story again.
I forgot to favorite it. Now I can.

Rarity?!!? Rarity??!! :pinkiegasp: Not who I was expecting!! :pinkiegasp: I would've thought Prince Blueblood, given that he puts the ass in jackass, and makes Vernon Dursley from Harry Potter look like a polite man! But not Rarity!:rainbowderp: Holy cow, was I ever wrong!!:twilightsheepish:

All in all loved it! My small problem with that was the spacing, one paragraph of space when it's needed wouldn't hurt :scootangel:

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