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I write, I draw, and both tend to be a bit grimdark. Hopefully writing ponies will mitigate that somewhat.


Hey Rusty, What Have You Been Up To? · 10:09am May 3rd, 2014

Well, for one thing, I've been spending a large amount of time working on THIS with the great Wanderer D. It's a collaboration we've had in the works for a while now, and it's really cool to see part one of it up. I know it's not an update, but it's pretty close since the events in the story are canon to the BTtM universe, taking

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So about them updates... · 1:24pm Nov 4th, 2013

No, I'm not dead, and neither is Backwards Through the Mirror. However, some very troubling things have happened of late, and I've had little time or energy to work on writing.

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Graduated! · 8:20am May 26th, 2013

As of May 25th, 2013, I have officially graduated with my BA: Art, Concentration in Studio Practice, Preparation for Teaching. It's been seven years in the making, and a great deal has altered in my life since I first arrived on my campus. I met my first boyfriend there, my first girlfriend, established an unsavory reputation and then rose above it. I met the girl I'm going to marry there, and friends I will have for a lifetime, but most importantly I discovered my love for teaching in my time

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Guess who's a silly pony. · 5:14pm Feb 1st, 2013

I am!

So you know that next chapter of BTtM I kept promising? Well, I went and convinced myself I'd posted it five days ago, and I was all bummed that no one was commenting. Then I went and looked at my page, to poke at it and check for any comments I may have missed, or stray up-votes... And lo and behold, I went and forgot to post the silly thing!

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So I just noticed... · 10:39am Jan 11th, 2013

The bulk of the referrals for BTtM (thank you whoever started using that acronym), come from facebook, but I've got no idea why. I don't have a facebook page, so it's next to impossible for me to figure out which page they came from, but like over 100 of them are from some facebook page.

I don't mind of course, but I'm maddeningly curious as to who was so successfully plugging my story over facebook. The other referrals, of course, are Google and Yahoo, but it's been bothering my curiosity.

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Writer's block, and curiosity. · 1:34am Nov 27th, 2012

So I've been staring at the next chapter of Backwards Through the Mirror, willing it to be done. So far, it hasn't worked, so things are a little delayed on that end. I do have another White Wolf crossover in the works, with Mage, and a vague idea for a continuation of All Jokes Aside, so I may work on those for a while, until my writer's block clears up.

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So how about them mages. · 9:23pm Nov 19th, 2012

This is copied from a post I made in the World of Darkness: Equestria group.

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So here's what happened · 6:13am Nov 13th, 2012

I'm so sorry about the radio silence and that. I've been struggling with a lot of things, trying to get even this short update out, but I will be updating more soon.

But here's what happened, in no particular order:

My laptop died from having a quarter of a bottle of coke spilled on it
A best friend of mine had a cancer scare.
Multiple friends had loved ones suicide.
My laptop rose from its grave, entirely unexpectedly, and is now working mostly fine.

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Surprise! The LOEG! · 6:28pm Aug 6th, 2012

So there's this thing I was a part of, organized by the wonderful Wanderer D, called the League of Extraordinary Gentlecolts, wherein I swapped stories with Cold in Gardez as a part of a little experiment. Before we both started writing, Cold in Gardez and I agreed on a prompt, and used that to tie our stories together. Then, my story was posted under his account and his was posted under mine, in an attempt to bolster views for

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IT BEGINS! · 4:25am Jun 8th, 2012

So I hate to leave off on a cliffhanger like that, but the editing needs doing. I shall be sending drafts to all those interested in helping with the editing process via Google Docs or, if that's not terribly convenient, whatever format works for the editor in question. If you're interested in helping, please send me a PM so I don't forget to send you a link too, I'm notoriously forgetful, and it makes things easier all around. So! Thank you all once again for your patience, and I'll be editing

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