• Published 21st May 2014
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Let the Silence Sing 2 - Aegis Shield

SEQUEL! Big Mac dates Princess Celestia openly after Featherweight reveals their relationship in a newspaper photo.

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Hedge Maze

Author's Note:

You wanted a sequel? You got it! :D


Let the Silence Sing 2
Part 1: Hedge Maze

Big Macintosh walked at an easy canter between two orchards. He’d finished his chores for the day, showered and groomed, and was off for his own activities. It wasn’t apple-bucking season just yet, so he often had half the day to himself this time of year. Sighing with a simple sort of contentment, he continued down the path until he spotted Featherweight.

The long-legged colt ducked his head and wilted his ears like he might be struck. After publishing that picture of Big Mac and Princess Celestia last week, he’d been condemned to paint all the fences in Sweet Apple Acres. The fields were color coordinated too, so it wasn’t gonna be easy. The dark green this particular fence row was supposed to be was coming along nicely, but it was still just the fifth of eight fields.

Big Mac offered a measured frown to make sure he was doing a good job, but saw nothing wrong with his efforts. He’d insisted on deciding the colt’s punishment for his violation of privacy—and exposing his relationship with the Princess to the general public. The flow of green paint and the paint cans that were smattered around the grounds would keep him going at least another four days or so.

The papers had been printing about it all week, nonstop with the same picture. There wasn’t a pony alive that didn’t know the Princess was dating somepony called ‘Big Macintosh.’ Thankfully the media and other such ponies hadn’t found him yet. Ponyville knew, but they seemed to be keeping it quiet. After all, housing x-number of national heroes, surviving plagues and dragons and all sorts of other things had sort of mellowed the population out. There had been a few congratulators, but nothing crazy thus far.

Finally reaching the grain silo, Big Mac looked about. Nopony was around. Reaching, he opened the door and stepped through. The two guards on the other side were briefly startled, but nodded respectfully. Beyond the magical doorway was Canterlot, the capital of Equestria. Celestia had placed it there so that they might visit more often and more easily. One guard shut the door behind him, then gestured to the floor.

Big Mac looked down, then sheepishly wiped his hooves on a waiting rug. The palace staff was still in a titter about him leaving a trail of dirt the last time he’d been there. He wasn’t exactly spic and span during his last visit. Emerging out into the hallway, he turned left and then right. Which way was it, again? He wasn’t sure. The palace was big and labyrinthing in his eyes. It was easy to get lost, end up outside, on a balcony or even in the tallest tower. It wasn’t like the easy rolling hills of Sweet Apple Acres. Grumbling at all the fancy filigree and stained-glass windows that blocked his natural view, he decided left and went on his way at a slow loping pace.

He received nods and sometimes salutes as he went by. The royal coltfriend, they’d called him. As though there were such a title. Smirking with just a smidgen of male pride, he turned down the appropriate hallway when he found it. Exiting out a pair of massive double doors he found himself in the royal gardens. The gentlest spring days were the only ones that found the palace this time of year, and it showed. Puffy clouds, blue skies and a crisp little breeze all made for the perfect day. The weather pegasi were always hard at work around the capital to keep it nice.

Then finally he found her. Princess Celestia lay on her back beneath a swaying tree. The hishhhh-hishhh of all the branches had lulled her into a sort of afternoon doze, and the careful absence of guards spoke volumes. He found himself smiling as he approached, wider and wider. Her hair lay rained all about her in a display of three colors, and the glow of the reflected sun made her seem angelic under his gaze. Her nose worked itself when a single blade of grass tickled her nose.


Guh, his heart could barely take the cute. Leaning, he nosed her just once. Her long lashes fluttered and she gazed up at him silently. They shared a private smile, and he leaned to give her a chaste kiss.

Turning to hide her sun-exposed pink belly, Princess Celestia righted herself and stretched her wings. The two of them turned as one, walking side-by-side until they came to the castle maze. It was quiet, private, and away from prying eyes. They could visit and be merry away from any hiding guards, spying photographers and such in its many winding paths. She leaned daintily against him, draping a massive wing out over his back.

Big Mac smiled sheepishly, having to look up just a little to see into her face. He still wasn’t used to having to look up at her. Playful, he nipped one of her primaries. The Princess yipped softly, then whapped his back just a little with her feathery touch. They shared quiet, giggly laughter as they disappeared into the winding paths of the hedge maze.

Finding one of the open spots some distance in, they settled at a tiny coy fish pond. The fish were shy at the sight of them, but darted around none the less in a brilliant orange display of fleeting bodies. They settled on their bellies, side by side, and leaned into one another. A long time passed while they watched the fish, and Celestia heaved a great content sigh. He could see the stress of ruling melting out of her bit by bit in his presence.

The great red stallion leaned into her embrace, closing his eyes contentedly. Her chin rested atop his head in a rather cute ‘big spoon’ sort of way. Chuckling in a rumbly way down in his throat, he stroked the length of her withers in silence. Another happy sigh.

Turning after a long time, Celestia lifted her opposite wing. Leaning with her teeth she unzipped a hidden little purse she kept under there. Emerging with a long bar of gourmet chocolate, she set it near him to share. Working the wrapper off with her magic, she offered him the first bite. He found it was cold. Cold chocolate was always a great treat. He dug his teeth in harder, but it wouldn’t break. Celestia cocked her head, wiggling it in his mouth. He bit harder, straining a bit. She pulled his head about like a fish that had been caught biting a worm. Putting his back into it the candy bar finally snapped audibly. Big Mac flopped over backward from the sudden lack of resistance. The chocolate he’d bitten off launched into the air… then plunked into the coy fish pond. The fish fled from the sudden foreign object. Her wing rushed over him to pull him close as she threw her head back with full-throated, gay laughter. Big Macintosh smirked, then grinned, then joined her. Apologizing, she broke off a bite-sized piece with her magic, then fed it to him. He liked it. There was a mysterious taste of orange mixed in with the dark chocolate—how fancy!

They shared the rest of the bar without incident while the lazy afternoon stretched on. Celestia had also brought a pair of small milk bottles to wash down all the chocolate. She thought water was too bland, and teas and such had a bad aftertaste. Milk was just right. Big Mac agreed.

Having had their fill, they settled next to the coy fish pond. Big Macintosh slowly stroked his muzzle down the Princess’ long withers, then rested his chin at her shoulder with his eyes closed. She did the same, pulling both her wings forward to embrace him. The rest of the world passed the quietly by—little dandelion seeds floated gracefully by on the breeze, and the occasional insect toddled by, minding its own business. Celestia sighed once more, leaning her weight into him. A quiet, murmuring hour of nothing at all.


Both ponies startled, turning to look. An armored pegasi stood there after having landed, saluting with all seriousness. The Princess gave a formal nod, all the shields coming back up as she did so. She raised herself up into a regal posture to display her height. Big Mac looked up as the not-quite-real neutral smile settled on her features.

Bowing, the intruder gave her a scroll with a griffon nation’s seal on it. She flipped it open with her magic, then slowly stood. Big Mac looked up, frowning in concern. She patted his head with her wing. It was nothing world-ending or war-causing, but it did need to be seen to right away. Leaning rather boldly and with the guard watching, she kissed him on the lips. Big Mac went a slightly deeper shade of red. The armored guard looked sheepishly to one side, feeling more and more guilty that he’d had to interrupt them.

With a rather ‘kissed him because I can’ smile on her face, Celestia cantered for a bit then took wing. Her guard would need to escort Big Macintosh back to the palace. Duty called, being the ruler of a nation. He smiled fondly after her. He understood. It made their little meeting-dates all the more romantic when their demanding jobs gave them just a little time for each other. Even just a few hours like today.

Big Mac caught the armored pegasi measuring himself up against the earth pony. What did he have that a soldier or noble or other stallion didn’t have? He couldn’t tell, but he saw Big Mac watch him checking him out. He startled a little, then went back to his stony-official-guard-face. It was this way back to the palace, he assured the royal coltfriend as they took off down a path.

End of Part 1