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A state of emergency hath ben declared · 4:40am Jan 22nd, 2014

sadly that time has come again, time for mare to beg for money >.< as were all sadly aware im jobless and if not for my amazing room mates would be a starving artist, however now due to thier jobs ,retail is a bitch, cutting hours we may not make rent which is not good

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Emergency mode!! · 12:46am Sep 6th, 2013

ok then due to a series of bullshit rolled in pure doom, my household has effectivly gotten fucked out of 500 dollars, im opening commissions for stories,art,anything goes! this means im breaking my anti nsfw rule

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Editor found. · 6:34pm Dec 23rd, 2012

After some searching my progress for finding editors has yielded...fuck who am I kiddin? I've gotten nearly nowhere.

Thankfully a very good friend of mine was kind enough to lend his services as a hardcore editor. Yes ponychans Umbra...or as we know him here on fimfiction Josh Meihaus.

Yea I know right? My editor is a famous writer neat right?

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Creepypasta! · 10:43pm Oct 26th, 2012

early this mornin I was looking around for more zalgo tastic info...research for him however always ends me up on the SA and creepypasta. and to my utter delight, I found this!



Its such a nice review of sorts I think and after reading it...woopsie I did forget to bump the ratings up...heh

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Shit just got real.. · 5:07am Oct 22nd, 2012

Ok then my friends, End is nigh has been released! Hazah 27+ k words of horror and grimdark love for my watchers ;3

I realized a big issue I had was all the watchers and lovers of Nightdreams and Daymares never watched me so they were unnaware of when more parts to the series was released..so I decided to collaborate the current tales into one mass fic which shall be updated and more than not topple 50k words by the end of the year if time permits.

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Equestria LA- Fanfiction panel · 4:53am Oct 20th, 2012


whos your favorite horror pony? This mare right here.

Yup on November 4th I will be on the same amazing panel as pen stroke among the other amazing writers of this fandom. I am thankful and still in pure awe that I was selected to participate with such good authors.

I will try and discuss the darker side of the fan base and how to make it as a horror writer and what true grimdark means..

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Grammar fail =me? · 3:24am Oct 3rd, 2012

My raw fics aka not edited and not proofread are posted purley for content face value. as you can see I will mis spell words or abuse grammar like its my bitch lol.
apparently my work is 'un readable' due to this .little fact...


I know grammar is important and all but man

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I wonder.... · 3:08am Sep 29th, 2012

If I were to stop writing would it matter at all? now this is not one of those cry for attention and all that jaz but this is more of a question that has presented itself. Out of the watchers I have how many will actually read what I write let alone this blog? I often find that the faves I recieve even tho they are plentiful are not from thoose who follow me. I see that I get about 1-3 watchers a story unless its one of the bigger ones like nightdreams or lullaby then its alot and a sea of

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Looking for editors!! · 7:09pm Aug 7th, 2012

My current editor is dealing with some real life issues and I am currently looking for another editor who can be fast and efficient. Despite the way I look allot of the time I am getting messaged by fans asking for sequels and such.

Now keeping with my original smash hit the first to be redone is Rarity, Celestial Legend.

I am hoping to re release chapter 1 by weeks end but I need an editor to meet this deadline. I want it to be perfect so I need a good editor. any takers?

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progress report!! · 9:18am Aug 6th, 2012

ok then little bubbles has been a good fic considering I dont dabble often in the light hearted or comedic very often.
there are some more updates in the works for my viewers, now due to the initial need for sequels and prequels for nightdreams and daymares when I released the two prequels I hoped those who had enjoyed the story would read the prequels.

This was not the case.

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