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'No I do not love the groom,
in my heart there is no room.'

The words she spoke are true indeed, for inside there lies only room enough for her special steed.

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There were a few grammatical and story elements that seemed to break the flow a tad; regardless, this was a really well written and intriguing story! :twilightsmile: Its always nice seeing certain characters from a different perspective, especially the villains. I really liked this beginning to Chrysalis' back story, and I would like to see it develop deeper.

This story started on a good foot, keep it up! :yay: I shall be tracking it

poetic+sad+Chrysalis=insta-fav and like.

Very nice story. I will be following it. Can't wait to see how much deeper this gets.:pinkiehappy:


Now edited for your reading pleasure :D

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