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Holding out for a hero - mareinthemoon

Is it better to be loved for what you are not or to be hated for everything you are?

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Many fear what they do not understand, and what they fear they grow to hate. It is in the nature of all creatures to fear the unknown, and more often than not they respond with violence rather than with words.

Being different is just fine...
That is,
If you're one of them.

The love and tolerance they go on about is all empty words, almost as shallow as the smiles
on their faces.

I am no different than them.
Do I not deserve love?

It pays to be a changeling, to be able to become one of their own, to hide in plain sight. But the day I wanted to be liked for myself and not the mask I wore...

I should have known what was in store.


The resounding sounds of hooves meeting the soft grass echoed among the trees along with the melodic sounds of childhood delight. The young fillies played about under the warmth of Celestia's sun, unaware that among them an outsider had snaked her way in.

She was a light pink filly, her mane a splendor of lovely curls made of lovely violets and delightful creme. The smile upon the filly lips was brighter than the sun that was now at its peak in the sky. She was the best friend a pony could ask for.

Her heart as pure as the driven snow, not one to judge a book by its cover and always there to lend a helping hoof wherever she could. Ah yes, she was indeed the perfect filly and one day, the perfect bride.

But alas, everypony has one dark secret.

That is... if she were one.

" Chrys, come on! Granny just finished making the pies," a purple mare said in her delight.

Chrysalis could feel her heart beat faster and faster, sending a warming sensation all over her body. Ah yes, this was what it means to be happy. She followed after her friends, her mind racing as to why her people always warned her of the spite in the eyes of the ponies she was sure to encounter. They were very delightful, every kindness bestowed upon her. The smiles upon their faces more comforting than her own hollow.

It was days like this that she debated simply staying in this beautiful word of sunlight and flowers. Her home was always dark, always so cold. She wanted to bring her people out of the darkness and into this glorious light. As a young princess she wanted what was best for her people.

And of course for her.

She had been indeed warned many times by her elders. "Young princess, you must not reveal yourself to be a changeling to nopony."

"Am I really that strange? Will they judge me for the outside and not for the within?"

"Yes they will Chrysalis, you are strange. You open your heart to them and soon enough they will trample it underhoof."

The words of the elders haunted her, the fear of total rejection always present in her young mind. The ponies were born to accept and love so that could not happen right? Today for sure she would prove that they were allowed under the sun, that they could be loved as equals by these ponies.

She followed after her friends to the small cottage that sat upon the hill. The wind nipped at her ears softly as she felt the shudder move along her back from her flank to her ears. Normally, this was a sign to turn back now and do not proceed.

She was young and so very naive.

Clack, clack, clack

The sound echoed in the night, her frail legs moving as fast as possible, not caring where she was heading. All she knew was that she had to escape. She had to keep running.

The small wings upon her back refused to move from their resting place along her slender frame. The layers of translucent green cracked and bled a cyan color. She should have listened to her elders. None of this would have happened if she would have for once in her life listened to them.

"It went this way!" a voice called out in the darkness behind her.

Oh sweet all mighty no, they are catching up!

The sound of a deafening thudding echoed in her longer ears, causing enormous pressure to pool behind her bright green eyes. She was sure that if the thudding got any worse, her eyes would soon vacate from their sockets.

The small changeling's chest was heaving now as the vapors leaving her mouth formed small puffy clouds before vanishing into the night. Did they really need to do this? Did they really judge so much according to looks?

The liquid began to form in her eyes once again, trailing down her swollen cheek before dripping off the end of her lower jaw. Was this really how it all was going to end, with her surrounded by her former friends and their families, each throwing rocks from behind or dropping large stones from above?

In a moment the world was torn asunder.
By a knight of white,
with the power of black thunder.

The noise was all she heard as she closed her eyes, accepting her fate. As Chrysalis sat in a huddled form, shuddering in fear, the blow she expected and prepared for never came. With a curious peak, she opened one eye. The ponies who had hunted her were now no more than ash on the floor, the skeletons of the fallen hoofed beings strewn about the blackened grass around her.

Only one remained standing.

In the middle of the carnage, the ring of death, stood a white Alicorn with glowing yellow eyes.

"Princess, you should not hide, for within is where true beauty will reside. Ponies feed you but only petty lies. They cannot see with those hate filled eyes. Return as Queen with all your might, and this time you will send them running into the night." The stallion smiled to her and as soon as she blinked, he and the dead were gone as if it had never even happened.


Chrysalis sighed within the caverns she called home. One day she would find her hero again. She knew it.

No I do not love the groom.
In my heart there is no room.

There will only ever be room for one.

By glow of light and light of sun, alone she'll wait for her prince to come.

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There were a few grammatical and story elements that seemed to break the flow a tad; regardless, this was a really well written and intriguing story! :twilightsmile: Its always nice seeing certain characters from a different perspective, especially the villains. I really liked this beginning to Chrysalis' back story, and I would like to see it develop deeper.

This story started on a good foot, keep it up! :yay: I shall be tracking it

poetic+sad+Chrysalis=insta-fav and like.

Very nice story. I will be following it. Can't wait to see how much deeper this gets.:pinkiehappy:


Now edited for your reading pleasure :D

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